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Inger Arnes: My experience in the Ravne tunnels

I had a special experience in the Ravne tunnels that I would love to share.

On August 9th, 2018 I went into the new section in the tunnels, to a big meditation chamber that is about 260 meters in. I turned off the lights and was sitting there for about an hour meditating.

Then I suddenly felt very thirsty and I took my water bottle up from my bag. The water I had collected from the spring in the park earlier. I noticed as I opened my bag that there was a purple/deep violet glow inside my bag, and as I took the bottle out, I could see that the water had a color of purple/deep violet and it was glowing… shining... like a flashlight. i could hold it up and see my hands clearly beside it. I have never seen anything like this, it was completely luminescent. 

I had set the intention for healing when I went into the chamber, so I asked inside and got the strong message to drink all the water, and I did.  It tasted like bliss....

The energy of healing must be very strong in that chamber, also every time I am there, I see lots of orbs, and they respond to my consciousness, if I ask them to play, and hold out my hand, they might even come and sit in my hand. 

They are also playful… a blue one often follows me around, sometimes I say… please stop right in front of my camera so I can get a nice picture of you... and it does… it stands still in the air right in front of me and in the moment I push the button to take the picture it flows off with mega speed... just to tease… I can feel it laughing

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