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Tuesday, 28th August 2018, was a historic day for a group of volunteers led by geologist Richard Hoyle and supervisor Marie Sophie. The volunteers of the “Archaeologocal Park ‘Ravne 2’” Foundation carried out the first survey of newly discovered cavities in the “Ravne 2” Park. They managed to advance around 20 meters and to determine that the cavity branched out into several smaller ones.

Later, they were joined by Dr. Sam Osmanagich, Head of the Foundation, who recorded the activities on his camera.

Entering the C-3 cave required a crawl of several meters through a narrow space between the ceiling (of conglomerate concrete) and inserted material (combination of dirt and gravelly material). Afterwards, the cave expanded to the height of about 120-140 cm. The first section contained several twigs, probably transported here by small animals (dogs or foxes).

The cave extends roughly in the north-south direction, and later it veers off towards the northwest. Small stalactites and stalagmites are scattered throughout, and they would provide a means to date the cave. A preliminary conclusion is that this is not a natural cave, but an ertificical cavity – tunnel, that greatly resemble the Ravne tunnels.

This would offer more arguments to corroborate Dr. Osmanagich’s hypothesis that this cavity is a segment of a unique prehistoric tunnel network, which had been damaged by major tidal forces in the distant past, but the entrances to these tunnels had been carefully sealed by the members of a community unknown to us today.

Video clips recorded by Sam Osmanagich and Richard Hoyle are attached.




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