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Director of the Foundation 'Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun' Dr. Sam Osmanagich has just completed his tour of Italy (September 25 - October 1, 2018).

On Thursday, September 27, the discoverer of the Bosnian Pyramid held a lecture in the central town of Salsomaggiore in the filled room of the Grand Hotel. During the three-hour presentation, dr. Osmanagich talked about his decades-long research that he found that almost everything that educational system teaches us about the ancient history is wrong. He established a scientific methodology for determining the definition of the pyramid, which he underwent pyramids around the world. He devoted special attention to the chronology of the multidisciplinary research of the Bosnian pyramids. At the end of the lecture he invited the Italians to visit Visoko.

While roaming in Italy, Sam Osmanagich recorded two episodes for Italian television 'Telecolor' in Cremona. After that, he also recorded an interview with Italian producer Svusy Blady in Bologna.

He was accompanied by the official Foundation's representative in Italy Cristina Redi (

Visit to Italy was an opportunity for the promotion of two books by dr. Osmanagic translated into the Italian language, which speaks of the pyramids in the world, the Bosnian pyramids and the Anasazi civilization. The Book of Pyramids is among the five best-selling books by the Italian publisher, Edicione Uno.

During the tour, dr. Osmanagić, with his team, in which he was also a Goran Marjanović and PIP operator Saša Nadđfeji from Serbia, visited nine locations of potential pyramids in Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy: Kalesija and Konjic in Bosnia, Tolmin in Slovenia, Montevecchia, Valogaredo, Santa Agata dei Goti (two locations) and Bari in Italy and Dubrovnik in Croatia. They made the recordings and measurements and gained enough information to draw conclusions about the possible credibility of these sites. The results will be announced to the public soon.

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