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By: dr. Sam Osmanagich

Bosnian Pyramid project is an interdisciplinary scientific investigation which involves classical sciences such as archaeology, geology, pedology, with high tech disciplines (geophysical research, geothermal and georadar analysis, LIDAR) and energy measurements (electric and magnetic fields, ultrasound and infrasound, Schuman resonance, negative ion concentration, oxygen level, magnetoteluric and electrodynamics).

Among other instruments, we’ve been using Experimental Life Energy Meter, Heliognosis model LM3 (Or, Range, Fine, Coarse, & deflection %). American company Heliognosis is a manufacturer of this instrument which is based on the same principle as Wilhelm Reich’s devise (Orgone Field Meter). Shortly, it’s ability to receive electromagnetism shown on the scale from 0-100%.

Orgone energy measurements have been done regularly from 2012. Instrument LM3 shows the following values in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids:

-          Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (artificial pyramid structure): 100%

-          Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon (artificial pyramid structure): 100%

-          Tumulus in Vratnica (artificial conical hill): 100%

-          Underground Labyrinth Ravne (prehistorical artificial network of tunnels and chambers): 100%

-          The Bell Tower (conically shaped hill in our park ‘Ravne 2’): 100%

We have done measurements at the other locations, such as:

-          Natural hill ‘Vis’, near Bosnian town of Tuzla, near the village: 50%

-          Montevecchia, shaped hill, No.1, village in Italy: 48%

-          Montevecchia, shaped hill No.2, village in Italy: 70%

-          Montevechhia, shaped hill No. 3, village in Italy: 50%

-          Santa Agata dei Goti, natural pyramid hill, village in Italy: 65%

-          Rtanj, pyramid mountain in Serbia: 100%

-          Sarajevo, capital city of Bosnia: 25%

Relative values of life energy, or orgone, or chi, or prana, or zero point energy… differ in contaminated cities (20-25%), villages (50-60%) and pyramid (built or shaped) structures, where values reach 100%.

In a case of Bosnian Pyramid tunnels, we have measured beneficial effects of the pyramid energies which is due to the following factors: best electromagnetism, best ultrasound frequency of 28 kHz, original Schuman resonance of 7,83 Hz, high concentration of negative ions up to 50.000 ni/ccm, absence of harmful cosmic radiation, natural radioactivity, Wi-Fi and mobile phone signals. When 100% of orgone energy is added, we have perfectly protected place where our body comes back to the balance and self-healing process is initiated.

Ancient pyramid builders knew how to determine energy potent location for pyramid structures. Pyramid would amplify existing natural energy sources. Therefore, pyramids are energy amplifiers. Good thing is, they amplify natural frequencies which are beneficial to us. They amplify (or generate?) orgone energy, as well.

It seems that shape of four-sided pyramid is the best suitable for our Planet. It improves the molecular structure of people, plants, animals, water, food, space. It gives us more of the invisible, but omnipresent life energy.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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