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Ninth volunteering season in the Bosnian valley of the pyramids and fifth „Expeditions to the pyramids“ was held this year in the period between June and September.

-       This year we had more than 300 volunteers who were mostly part of the Expedition program. The program's aim was not only cleaning of the prehistoric underground passages and revealing concrete blocks at the surface of the pyramids but also friendship, meeting, spreading of information and good vibes as well as getting to know Bosnian culture, history and naturall beauty. During the length of the program of the „Expeditions“ participants have the possibility to be part of „history in the making“ as Dr.Sam likes to say and to help our workers in revealing ancient passageways and the oldest concrete on Earth. Also, they meet people from different parts of the world with the same passion for the history and knowledge. Our volunteers quickly learn positive sides of Bosnia and Herzegovina through their hosts, common people from street and shops through the travels we organise at the weekends. We take them to Vranduk castle, stone spheres park in Zavidovici, Boracko lake, Konjic town and Vranica mountain. – said guide coordinator in the Foundation, Ajdin Ahmetspahic.

This year's volunteers came from 30 different countries of the world including Brasil, Equador and Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, China and Russia.

-       The interesting thing is that a volunteer on the Bosnian pyramids can be anyone no matter of their age, gender, nationality, race or profession, which is unique case in the world. Our project is open for everyone. We believe that knowledge that comes from our ancestors, and which comes from ancient architecture, is the knowledge which belongs to the whole of mankind. Thats how Visoko became home to the most active archaeological loaction in the world. – says Ahmetspahic.

During the season volunteers have worked in multiple locations over the Archaeological park in Visoko. They started summer in the undergroung labyrinth Ravne where they were removing layers of fill-up material and were revealing exsisting parts of the tunnels complex which were hidden for around 5000 years. After that, they were moved to another location which was a potentional new entrance as geologists and archaeologists claimed.

They excavated at a few probing holes which payed off by finding an fascinating tunnel space in the park „Ravne 2“. By the end of the season volunteers cleaned approx. 50 meters and discovered interesection, organic material (animal bones), iron made tools and stalagmites. All findings were taken to the local museum and stalagmites were sent to the radio-carbon analysys. Results came back few days ago with the approximate age going back to 30 000 years which is relative age of the pyramids too.

New tunnels are on the same attitude as the original tunels Ravne with couple of hundreds of meters between them. The assumption is that these two tunnels were connected at some point and were part of the colossal complex that leads towards the largest pyramid in the world, Bosnian pyramid of the Sun.

-       Considering that we had a lot of volunteers in some of the shifts and therefore large working potential, we decided to move the labour to the surface of the Sun pyramid. We excavated on the eastern and northern side approximetely 250meters under the top of the structure. Fondation managed to buy a property on this part of the pyramid so the work is on the private property now. Guests are arriving through all year and they can see more and more excavated concrete blocks there. Sometimes during the summer when they see volunteers there tourists are deciding to join them and work until the lunchtime. – explained Ajdin.

All the participants always gather positive experience and are sad when they are leving from their new friends and new home so instead of „goodbye“ they part with „See you later!“.

- See you later again, next year when the volunteering season and the Expeditions are starting in June and ending in October. We expect a lot of participants again, good atmpsphere and a lot of work done. Each year we try to make the program better end enrich it with new activities, logistics, better tools, transport and food. Together with our geologists and coordinators we will plan the best season so far. Everyone can sign up already today thorugh our official page – summarised volunteer coordinator Ajdin Ahmetspahic.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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