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The "Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" Foundation has purchased an instrument 'GQ GMC 320 Plus Geiger Counter’ manufactured by GQ Electronics, which measures the level of radiation in the environment. This is a new instrument, the year of production is 2018 and is calibrated to measure values ​​of 0-2000 CPM. CPM means 'counts per minute' (number of electrons per minute).

Over the past ten years, the Foundation has performed measurements of radioactivity on several occasions, but through its collaborators, third parties, at its archaeological sites. On two occasions, these were professional teams from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Sarajevo, and on several occasions these were independent experts.

Since radioactivity is an important energy parameter, the management team of the Foundation has estimated that it is necessary to have continuous measurements of the radiation level. From November 2018, this level is measured daily, by mentioned device.

Another important scale of radiation measurements is in milli sieverts and micro sieverts that shows the harmful effect of radioactivity on the human tissues. According to standards of the American Agency EPA, people should not be exposed to concentrations greater than 1 mSv (millisieverts) per year (1 millisievert = 1,000 microsieverts). Nevertheless, in cities, people are exposed, on average, to a triple higher level of radiation pollution.

Extreme cases were after the devastation of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, when the level of radiation exposed to the employees and residents in the vicinity reached 400 mSv per hour. For example, during CT shooting in hospitals, people receive a dose of 15 mSv. In X-ray imaging, a person is exposed to radiation of 0.02 mSv, and in the case of dental shooting, the level is 0.01 mSv.

Studies show that exposure at a level of 100 mSv is an annual starting level when there are correlations between cancer and radiation levels. The possibility of getting this disease after a long period would be 5% (5 adults per 100 people in the population). During the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl for the Russian government, the radiation level of 350 mSv was the standard that require people to be moved to other cities.

The first measurements in November 2018 in the Ravne Tunnels show that the radiation level is 0-60 CPM. Since average of 1mSv is converted to 30 CPM, this means that the level of radiation in the Ravne tunnels is below the minimum, that is, triple lower than the radioactivity in certain cities.

In other words, staying in Ravne Tunnels is safe from the point of view of the level of natural radioactivity.

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