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The end of the archaeological season and the end of the main part of the tourist season in Visoko is an ideal opportunity for a special summary of the season, which we did with the founder and director of the Foundation "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun", Dr. Sam Osmanagich.

- The Bosnian pyramids research project is ending its thirteenth season. I am proud to point out the fact that it has become the most active archaeological site in the world. This year we had 300 volunteers who worked with us and were part of the fascinating discoveries. I would especially like to highlight the information from a few days ago, which may be the most important archaeological information of this season. In August 2018, the Foundation purchased 5,000 sqm. land near our park 'Ravne 2'. We discovered underground tunnels at that location. Just a few days ago we received the results of the radiocarbon dating analysis of the stalagmites we found in these tunnels. It is 26,200 years old! It means that those passageways, which until now have been completely unfamiliar to the professional public, go deep into the past. When the radiocarbon age is added to the time needed to prepare the substrate for the creation of stalagmites, and correct it for calibrated age, we arrive to a date of about 32,000 years. This is exactly the age of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the underground tunnels of Ravne and all are part of the same culture. The surface of underground structures in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids is enormous, as tunnels, rooms, intersections and underground lakes are stretching for tens of kilometers. I have no doubt that the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been the scene of the oldest European civilizations. - says Dr. Osmanagich.

These results are another in a series of claims about the age of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids, as well as ongoing investments, researches and promotions of the project.

- This example shows our dedication to continuous and professional work. This year we've purchased six new land properties at the foot of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Preliminary works show that the pyramid is considerably higher than the assumed 220 meters (Keops's 147 meters), because we found concrete blocks under the soil, giving the height of a pyramid of 290 meters. So, the conventionally highest pyramid in the world! On these sections of the pyramid we discovered large quantities of white crystals whose role was in the transformation of energies through the piezoelectric effect of electromagnetism into the ultrasound and from the sound to electricity. We are the pioneers in the world in studying the purpose of the pyramids, rejecting fairy tales which say that Egyptian pyramids built tens of thousands of slaves as the tomb of Pharaoh, and Latin.American pyramids as places of sacrifice. The largest, oldest and superior pyramids were energy machines that provided clean and free energy, very specific frequencies of electromagnetism, electric fields, orgone energy, ultrasound, negative ionization and Tesla scalar waves. These are all measurable phenomenas, which are scientifically provable. Energy has long-distance communication functions, human health benefits, long life, immunity, enhancement of the molecular structure of water and food, air purification, improvement of the bioenergetic envelope (aura) around the body, the development of spiritual senses that allowed the development of all mental potentials to the maximum . All the things that are important in life were delievered by the energy of the pyramids. If today archaeologists and egyptologists do not understand us (because nobody in schools and colleges teaches us about the actual purpose of the pyramids), in 20 or 50 years they will go through our footsteps. This is a project that forever changes world history, and comes from the heart of Bosnia. Instead of the story of Bosnia as a country of war, violence, war criminals, corruption, poverty, the departure of young and educated, so only negative information, we are changing that image to the country of pyramids, research, volunteers, tourism, positive energy. - explains Dr. Osmanagich.

15 years ago, Visoko was a city without tourists, and with the arrival of research, hard work and proves, Visoko is today among the top three tourist destinations in Bosnia, according to the number of tourist arrivals from all parts of the world.

- 15 years ago there were literally zero tourists in Visoko. Thanks to our promotion all over the world, we attract thousands of tourists from 160 countries every year. In Visoko, in 2018, according to the website, now there is 158 accommodation facilities. The private initiative responds to the needs of tourists and because of that there are new hotels, motels, apartments, cottages, apartments, camps ... Our guests do not stay for only a couple of hours, but seven and more days. The Foundation develops several types of tourism: archeological, healing, volunteer and spiritual. In the past two years, we have bought 55,000 square meters of abandoned, wetland properties. We dried them, arranged the forest, planted grass and made the most beautiful park in the south of Europe. In the park 'Ravne 2' there are a large number of donations from all over the world, from megalith blocks with artistic engraved symbols, to spiral botanical gardens, energy stone installations, park of stone balls, recreational paths and children's playgrounds, concerts and meditations, in short, the oasis of spiritual peace . We start team building activities with the already existing meditation and yoga retreats and educational excursion visits. We also conclude the construction of a conference hall in the park, with a capacity of 200 seats, where the first film projections, concerts, lectures, seminars, school classes in nature were held ... All our capacities are free for organized groups. At the same time, we are finishing building our new location Aero Spa with wellness center. From the abandoned forest, we have created a new decorated space, unique and full of peace and tranquility. We introduce new standards and create attractions to attract and keep guests from all over the world. - says Dr. Osmanagich.

Finally, after years of fighting, the media recognized the project as something very positive for our country, and a large number of the world's largest media companies made positive stories about Bosnia.

- Since the beginning of the project, and when I was the sole participant in the research, and especially after the establishment of a non-governmental, non-profit Foundation "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun", we are very active in media promotion. We have brought to Visoko the world's largest media like CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, 'Italia Uno', 'Rai Due', NTV from Moscow, ZDF and many other regional and national televisions. We are the only project from the Balkans that documentaries were made about, for 'History Channel', the channel 'National Geography', 'Discovery Channel', 'Science Channel' and other world televisions. Our team creates videos of new discoveries for our youtubeTV channel annually, we send newsletters to e-mail addresses for two million recipients, our social media (several web and FB sites) publish daily news from Visoko for tens of thousands of our followers. Directors from America, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries are recording documentaries and feature films about Bosnian pyramids. Wherever I appear with lectures, whether it's America, India, Vietnam, Slovenia, Germany, Norway or Bulgaria, people recognize and express respect for our struggle for scientific truth. I hold 65 lectures in 45 cities and 20 countries every year. My biggest motivation is when I see visitors from Sedona, Amsterdam, Plovdiv, Brno or Brezice, visiting tunnels and pyramids and enjoying the park 'Ravne 2'. - proudly states Dr. Sam Osmanagich.

Through the years of operation, the Foundation has become a place with 60 employees, hundreds of volunteers, a great board of directors, and finally the project was recognized in Visoko and all levels of government in our country.

- The well-being of the Foundation's team, which has 60 employees, several hundred volunteers and a great board of directors, have been recognized by all levels of government. With state institutions at cantonal and municipal level we have excellent relations, partnership agreements, all necessary permits for work, but we have not sought financial assistance for a long time. We create new values ​​ourselves, and through tourism we help the local and wider community. Again, I am proud to say that we are in partnership with the Municipality of Visoko and the Regional Museum with which we have implemented a number of concrete projects on tourism promotion, and the leadership of Visoko declared this year as a year of tourism. We have excellent relations with the Government of local Canton and the Prime Minister, and one of the results was their investment in tourism infrastructure, construction of access roads and parking for tourists in the Ravne complex. Interest comes from the level of the Federation and their investments in the construction of a tourist road network. I expect that this cooperation will continue to the benefit of all. - pointed out Dr. Osmanagich.

Behind the Foundation is again one of the most successful year, and this tempo is moving forward year after year.

- Most of the tens of thousands of visitors come to us through the now-extended season, March-November. But the continuous arrival of guests goes throughout the winter months. Regardless of whether people come from curiosity or medical reasons, the Foundation recognizes tourism very seriously and our 28 official guides are certainly the most professional in the Balkans, if not beyond. We are open seven days a week and at the service of all 365 days a year. Every year, I see that it was the best season, but I expect that the new 2019 will be the most successful so far. - summed up the season 2018 Director of the Foundation, Dr. Sam Osmanagich.


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