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"Journey to Ancient Egypt" is the name of a research tour and conference held from December 9-20, 2018. The host was dr. Sam Osmanagich. Thirty two participants from eleven countries (USA, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Bosnia, Croatia, Great Britain, Czech Republic and India) had the opportunity to visit all the main Egyptian temples, colossal statues and pyramids.

Like the year before, the tour began in the extreme south of Egypt, on the border with Sudan, in the Nubian area. Participants heard conventional explanations first by the local guide about the temple of Abu Simbel and Pharaoh Ramzes II as the builder. After that, dr. Osmanagich argued that Egyptians during the XIX dynasty and the New Kingdom did not have the technology of laser precision stone processing. Celebrated as the greatest ruler of Egypt, Ramzes II actually forged his merits and described the alleged victory over Hittites. New information from Turkish Hatusha revealed that Ramzes II was defeated in battle near Kadesh.

In Aswan, Osmanagic measured the mass of the "Unfinished obelisk" which, according to encyclopedic data, reached 1,200 tons. The measurements of the Bosnian pyramid discoverer show a mass of 1,540 tons. The claims that the block was formed during the reign of Queen Nefertiti is completely unfounded because at that time they had no engineering knowledge to form a granite or transport such cargoes 870 km to Giza plateau.

The temples of the Phile Islands, Kom Ombo, Edfu, Abydos, Dendera, Luxor, Karnak, Hatshepsut and the colossal statues of Memnon and the Valley of Kings followed.

The second part of this intense tour included a tour of 28 of the most important pyramids from the plateau of Giza, Saqqara, Meidum, Hawara and Dahshur. Particularly pointed out the mystery of underground passages below the Sphinx, the architectural masterpiece of the Valley Temple on the Giza plateau and the undiscovered 'Labyrinth' with 3,000 rooms in Hawara.

During this trip, Dr. Sam Osmanagich held six lectures for a total duration of eight hours. He gave a theoretical explanation of the phenomenon of the pyramid in the world, especially those in Egypt. It is clear that in the last five thousand years Pharaonic Egypt had no technology or knowledge to build the largest and superior pyramids. It is about an older, more advanced civilization whose remarks can be found in the Turin List of Kings that speaks of the rulers of Egypt 36,620 years ago. By using the elements of sacral geometry, the Egyptian pyramids were very advanced energy machines.

Participants were thrilled with this experience and offered answers to questions to which Egyptology was unable to respond for two centuries.

The next tour is scheduled for 8th-19th. December 2019.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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