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23rd Dec 2018, Windermere Park, NSW Australia

Dear Dr. Sam,

In response to your request, I can only say The Journey To Ancient Egypt 2018 organized by The Bosnian Pyramid Of The Sun Foundation, guided by the pyramid expert Dr. Sam Osmanagich was a unique and exceptional experience in every aspect.

The correspondence was excellent, swift and precise, and it deserves to be mentioned as an important fragment in the organization of the trip.

The period in the year and the length of the journey was carefully selected bearing in mind the local climate conditions and the walk load which should be done while visiting archeological sites. The weather was pleasant, and the Sun was shining 12 days. Awesome !

A variety of transportation was another plus which contributed to the entertaining component of this journey. We have been using and moving by ten different types of transportation – airplane, bus, taxi, cruise ship, boat, balloon, carriage, camel, horse and donkey ! Great fun !

The accommodation was selected to be conformable, convenient and safe. My highlight was the luxury ship which offered an enjoyable tranquil cruise along the mighty river Nile. The room with the view was specious and clean. The hospitality and the whole ambient on the ship were an unforgeable experience.

But the variety and the abundance of choices of food in all three meals was exceptional (even the staffed quills !) :)

The safety was one of the most important component of the whole journey. A great group of 33 enthusiastic people from 12 countries, was looked after by the three guides all the time and a police escort vehicle at some points. All the visits went smoothly without any incident. Well done !

The famous archeological sites are the places which create the image of the country of Egypt as we know. I am particularly glad that I had the opportunity to visit those places with Dr. Sam and the local guide Muhammed, hearing on spot the stories from the both sides of the coin, Egyptian version and the open-minded version. From now on, my vision about the country of Egypt has been changed. Dr. Sam’s guidance, comments, questions without answers ……etc. opened my eyes and expanded my horizons.

This is why this journey is unique as such ! Dr. Sam’s lectures, (4+1) held in a cozy, comfortable and homey cruise lounge were like cherry on top creating a full picture of this once in a life journey.

The words are not enough to describe this magnificent journey. This is a rare opportunity to see, feel and get own experience about the ancient Egypt, its history and mythology.

I am grateful to all who are involved in the organization of this splendid journey. I will further support The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation and the professional work of Dr. Sam Osmanagich.

Well done ! THANK YOU !!!

Sincerely, Dr. Aleksandra Miskov-Lisovac, PhD

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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