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Rie Jespersen, Danish volunteer at the Bosnian Pyramids in 2014, finished her master's degree in social anthropology and opened up a business with hypnotherapy, healing, channelling and spiritual journeys.

In July 2019, she will be leading a group of people with an interest in spirituality and meditation to the Bosnia pyramids, along with her twin sister Julie. They have coordinated the trip with Foundation’s geologist Richard Hoyle, who will give a presentation on the first day of our trip.

Here is the link to the website for the trip:

Itinerary, July 2019

Tuesday the 2nd: Arrival and check in at the Franciscan Peace Home Visoko

Wednesday the 3rdWe visit the incredible labyrinth of tunnels in the Pyramid Valley, where we will get a guided tour inside the tunnels and meditate by one of the megaliths that are placed in the tunnels. We will have lunch outside the tunnels and watch an exciting presentation on the geological significance of the valley by Richard Hoyle who has studied the pyramid complex thoroughly.

Thursday the 4thWe hike past incredible excavation sites to the highest point of the Pyramid Valley: the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun! There the participants will receive an energetic initiation. We will have lunch of traditional, local made Bosnian food on the access plateau of the pyramid, before we pass on the energy to the pyramid to enable it to radiate the same frequencies and codes as we ourselves become transmitters of.

Friday the 5thThis day starts out with a water ceremony by the river that runs through the valley. Hereafter we will go to Tumulus Vratnica, a “hill” with a concrete chamber inside and a spiral path on the outside. We will enjoy the lovely energy and nature of the place and have a guided meditation.

Saturday the 6thWe will visit the central point of the valley where we will do a meditation with energy work to lift the spirit of the whole valley. We then continue onto the Pyramid of the Moon where Richard will show us the very interesting excavation sites on the way to the top. At the top we will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, the lush nature and the view. In the evening we will enjoy an abundant 3 course barbeque atop the pyramid. There will be tents ready to sleep in on the pyramid, but if you prefer, you can also head back to sleep at the monastery.

Sunday the 7thOn the last day of the tour we will drive to a very interesting site outside of the Pyramid Valley: Ginje, an egg-shaped “hill” south of the valley. Richard will show us the fascinating alignments with the stars and the pyramids. Here we will round off the tour with a thanks giving meditation and sharing circle.

Monday the 8thCheck out from the monastery and departure. If you wish to prolong your stay, you can join a volunteer shift that starts today and do excavations at the Pyramid of the Sun or at Ravne tunnels. Or you can stay in Visoko for a prolonged holiday and visit other points of interest such as: the Pyramid of the Dragon, the Stone Spheres, Sarajevo city or take a rafting tour on the river.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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