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True Tesla Technologies Request For Assistance

Wouldn't it be nice to end the wealth gap between us all, to bring it in to some sort of balance. There are so many millionaires, billionaires around the world that have, and continue to take advantage of a name that really brought the world into the 21st Century.

For the past years it has been a constant challenge to raise a few dollars to pay for patents, travel or even a cup of coffee, but somehow through a network of light workers it has been achieved. What has been achieved with a little bit has the potential to transform the world we live in today.  Now we are at the cusp of a breakthrough, with a willing partnership waiting for us to complete, as well as installing a pilot project in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Our technologies will create a new way of empowering communities across the world, as well as assisting Mother Nature in repairing the damage caused through generations of misuse!

Today, you will no doubt, wish to buy a cup of coffee somewhere...why don't you make a conscious decision to support the work of True Tesla Technologies, so that they may use that coffee money to really do something that we all know is necessary.  We have to make conscious decisions that truly make a difference, this is one example of many projects around the world that represents that choice.

The choice is yours, your help will be appreciated; really it is more than help, it is an action that will have long term positive effects in the world we call home!

Thank you in advance of your kind support


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