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AI and a monstrous society and an email to well and truly out the cat amongst the pigeons

By: Nicholas Martin, UK

In the interregnum while we wait for Michael s email , and there is no rush of course, can we look at 5 g , AI and energy and consciousness and do what a nice man told me not to do 

The nice man , who is a very decent honest mam, told me not to conflate the teachings with aspects of pyramid energy and its phenomena 

Nice though the man is , and whilst I like him very much, respect him , have listened to him and to his criticism to see if he is correct , on reflection I will do exactly what he asked me not to do 

Because I think it is part of truth to do so 

Sorry about that , and that is the beauty of freeing oneself from the chains of organisational authority . 

You can say what you think without being accused of being what might be the equivalent in organised religion and belief , of being an apostate  . And everyone should have that freedom to say what they want, including the nice man who told me not to conflate 

But I am glad he said what he said , as in listening to him it made me question the approach and to understand an approach more clearly and comprehensively  

The teachings in black and white warn of AI. That is of artificial intelligence . The teachings in the part involving David Bohm and the ending of time , in my view , are very relevant to our current time in society globally 

Artificial intelligence is being developed on a huge scale in our society and is part of a network of control . Control of mind too is referred to a great deal of course in the teachings and I don’t think anyone would disagree with the statement that a mind free is mind beyond any aspect of control 

In fact it is logical that only a mind free of control can understand , and of course a mind dominated by thought cannot understand 

All of us most probably have seen the truth of that reflected to us by the universal teaching of truth . Not only as delivered by k but as delivered by Socrates for example  . I am talking here about freedom from the network of thought and time of course . 

But to return to our monstrous society to use a truthful expression of k’s

There is a plan to bring about the internet of things. 5 G is an integral component of that.

Before we go into that , I am minded of what Bohm , who was a genius in his own right , pointed out to us, that all consciousness comes out of energy 

We could use the word intelligence . Without brain waves we have no intelligence , consciousness as we know it now .

K  talked of one universal energy from which everything comes out of , if we can put it like that

Bohm referred to it in another way , but it is the same thing perhaps, in saying all is a form of light 

So there is the pure uncorrupted light of the cosmos and there is interpretation of that pure light, pure energy 

It is logical why k should say mind must be a light unto itself 

We could say that a mind dominated by thought is involved in the corruption and interpretation and continuity of that corruption of energy  . Because such a mind brings about a duality of image fact which is the breaking of one into two. A corruption of one energy . And then the living of mind in that 

It is mechanical , artificial , imitative ,  false, a  deceit of mind consciousness and this is made clear all through the teachings, and particularly in the Bohm interactions . 

Bohm particularly refers to consciousness in the false of the false 

Returning to AI . That is another aspect of the false and of a false consciousness and even the name gives the game away. Artificial intelligence . Not truthful intelligence .

The internet of things involves artificial intelligence and an artificial change in human dna 

And it might be important to refer to the fact that a meditative truthful mind brings about a natural mutation. Mutation of course occurs in the dna .

So we have a natural dna mutation brought about naturally in meditation 

And what is meditation ? It is the action of silence. Not my words . K s . Though I think he was utterly truthful 

The internet of things includes Wi-fi . That is a certain artificial energy field in which information is contained in the energy waves of the artificial field 

4 g is already that,  with a wi if field of 2.4 ghz. 5 g Wi-fi is much higher frequency , and 5 g mobile signals are in the range 60 ghz to 300 ghz

It is known that 4 g emf radiation can cause cancers and many other illnesses 

5g is far worse 

But what does this artificial energy do to the human biology apart from the side effects of illness and so on ?

It brings about genetic change. A mutation in the human dna . But an artificial one

We are looking at exactly what JF Kennedy said in his speech

That there is a plan to enslave every man woman and child on the planet 

And that plan is the growth of AI , exactly what K warned about 

How does this network of control work ?

The authorities are doing Geoengineering . That is because of the propaganda of global warming , and  they are spraying heavy metals, and strontium , aluminium and barium compounds into the atmosphere from aeroplanes . You can look all this up

It is done on the pretext of reflecting the sun s energy waves back to the sun so as to cool the planet .

These compounds get into the air and into the rivers and the soil . We then eat them and breathe them and they get into the human body 

These conduct energy in the body 

In top of that,  nano particles and nano bots are in the aerosol sprays which get into the body also 

Before we go on many will shoot me down about the use of the word propaganda in relation to global warming 

If so  I would urge you to look up Lord Monckton who has researched in detail the actual factual degree of warming over the last 800 years , long before cars and planes were around . He is more eloquent about all this than I . But an indication of the truth of his science is that the vice chancellor of the university of east anglia I think it was,  who  are a principal propagandist of global warming theories as we have them, called all his key scientists together and said to them we must ignore Monckton or we will lose all our research grants. Rather similar to Oppenheimer saying about Bohm , let’s agree to ignore him.       

To return to the artificial energy fields of Wi-fi and 5 g technology , these fields of energy are in wave form of course , and theses artificial waves are conducted through the body by the metals we have ingested . In addition the nano bots are activated by the Wi-fi and 5 g frequencies transmitted round the body  by the metal conducting compounds we ingested 

The nano bots and particles are also in fast food like McDonald’s and of course they provide their customers with free Wi-fi 

There is a disease called morgellons disease , when nano grows artificial  fibres into  and through the human body 

If you look up McDonald’s and nano on you tube you can see the fibres under an electron micrsoscope 

All of this is about eugenics . Artificial  Genetic mutation . 

The dna is an atenna for energy and a transmitter of energy 

Out of energy comes consciousness and its intelligence 

If you alter the resonance and transmission of the dna there comes an artificial controlled conscious 

This transhumanism . An artificial dna modification  of the human being 

At the same time of course there are the teachings which are not about the artificial

They are about a truthful change in dna , a truthful mutation in the brain cells and a truthful consciousness coming out of uncorrupted pure energy 

An intelligence of the cosmos . A true intelligence .

Intelligence comes out of energy . And the teachings refer to a new energy flowing . Flowing through mind , through the cosmos 

Uninterpreted , un broken . Un fragmented 

Flowing through mind because there is nothing outside mind 

Now what about the nice man and his point about conflation if he is still with us and has not already  said this is all the ravings of an unmitigated lunatic

It may well be k and Bohm were right and Nikola Tesla also 

That there is a universal pure energy of cosmos. A form of light faster than the speed of light Einstein identified . Not that the general theory is wrong, rather that it is a special case only within the wider quantum continuum 

That light is in my view likely to be scalar light. What Einstein praised Tesla on when he acknowledged in Time magazine.  Tesla s work in the field of high frequency light 

That light, that energy might indeed be uncorrupted universal energy Bohm and k referred to . A form of pure light.

Why many have said god is light 

We are not using that word god because the word is an abstraction . 

And that energy is a wave form which transcends time 

And dna responds to it and people with illnesses such as my wife who did not believe a word of all this, get healed as she did 

Pyramids as Tesla understood , resonate because of the mathematics of their construction, with that energy - and if you place a genetically modified cell under scalar energy , it is found that the modified dna reverts back to its natural state 

Whilst artificial intelligence out of a corruption of energy is increasing , through  the internet of things, artificial nano tech, quantum d wave computing ,  there is also the eternal energy . Must be because all comes out of one energy .

The pyramids all over the world , and more and more are being discovered like the Bosnian pyramids , are all resinating with a purity of energy perhaps flowing through the cosmos . New energy . Timeless energy .

If you look it up in Wikipedia you will see the Bosnian pyramids is a hoax . Well so are who have  visited them including myself then and all the miles of tunnels underneath . How on earth Wikipedia could put it about that a few hundred volunteers with wheel  barrows could excavate Miles if tunnels in sheer rock is a testament to  disinformation 

And a meditative  mind is a silent mind 

Silence is the action of meditation . Not my words. The words of the teachings as delivered by k 

That which allows the ending of artificial , corrupted energy and then the flow through  mind and the cosmos,  of natural energy and so the natural intelligence of the cosmos 

Only a mind free of all control will be able to understand and be in right relation with the cosmos would you not say 

In these interesting times might be the opportunity for mind to free itself of imprisonments of all illusion.  By the action of silence , exactly as the universal teachings point out to mind. 

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