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By: Sean Mooney
I want to give a summary of what I think I have found in Washington state. It appears to be the location of possibly 3 enormous pyramids and a even more enormous star calander.  This site seems to be related to mineral extraction and refinery do to its location on the run off system of the cascade volcano system.  There is also a a perfectly cardinal positioned ship parking marker on the Columbia river marking this area that I believe is connected as well. Washington state has a entire state lidar project that i have been able to access. Which seems to clearly show design features showing through of these mentioned sites. Square bases, perfectly positioned center tips , and corners.  Also relevant alignments to each other and astronomical connections.  
This area seems to be a migrational hub or control center as well due to its location between the ocean and cascades positioned on the Columbia river. I will attach a few pictures showing some major features. 
1st Green Mountain so square and symmetrical 
2nd Tum Tum Mountain again square and shows it has been placed on the ground beneath it 
3rd a prospective picture of pyramid of the sun Mexico and Tum Tum 
4th the Silver star Mountain calender area topography 
5th the Pisces monolithic rock known as Sturgeon rock,  also the time /space set point in the calander
6th a constilation overlay of Pisces on the monolith and next to a double image to show relationship of the match. Key features of the eye , spine, tail, length , width, artistic representation all match 100% to scale and shape also placement on giant calender position is perfectly cardinal as well. 
7th my speculation on use and function of this magnatron calendar universal time space positioning device 
8th how the other constilation points lay out on calander
9th some of the connected locations and there obviously related position's by a specific geometric pattern star callander dead center
10th the ship pyramid shape marker aligned and pointed directly at the tip of Tum Tum Mountain 
11th Tum Tum "holding a cloud "
12th Tum Tum from another angle showing how flat the surrounding ground meets the structure 
13th the point where the structure meets the ground 
14th geological report showing the molecular make up of the " massive angular blocks " 
15th more geological report on massive blocks
16th sluffing off of ash/silt
17th giant block monolithic stones showing design 
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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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