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Tunnel shape and the reason for being filled completely up to the top

By: Daniel Savulescu

Dear Mr. Osmanagic

My name is Daniel Savulescu and I am from România.

First I want to thank you for revealing all the information about the bosnian pyramids. What you descovered is amazing!!! It requires a lot of answers but they will come in the future.

Now, I watched all the material that I found on the internet and I came to some conclusions:

1. The shape of the tunnels (egg like)

I believe that this shape was the best option for those who built the tunnels in order to make them survive in time. As you showed, the conglomerate is quite fragile so if the tunnels were made in a square shape they would have collapsed. But in an egg shape, the pressure is less and they managed to rezist.

If we have two boiled eggs- 1 in a normal shape and another in the form of a rubik Cube and we knock them- one into another, the normal one will destroy the square face of the Rubik Cube egg. So by analyzing the material in the underground, the civilization who built them were aware about the strenght of each shape and decided that the egg shape was the best to use in creating them in order to last.

2. Why the tunnels were covered with filling material up to the top?

I don’t know if the ones who filled them were the same covilization who made them but I believe that they filled the tunnels in order to preserve them. I don’t know the purpose but it was a purpose to preserve the tunnels.

If they wanted to only close them, some stones at the entrance could have been enough. But to fill them conpletelly requires:

1. A strategy/ a plan to do it safe
2. Time
3. Energy and a machinery able to do this job in a safe mode

The pyramids are Alive and produce energy so this could be the purpose of  maintaining them for the future.

I also believe that they used a machinery like a reverse vacuum able to fill with material up to the top these tunnels.

When they finished a tunnel filling it with material, they built those stone walls in order to stop the material to fall into the joint point and moved to another one.

So, they filled them by having a plan. Just like they made them.

After they filled all the tunnels and close all the entrances on each joint point, they start filling the main one heading to the entrance.

Why did they fill the tunnels up to the top and not just closed the entrance to each of them with stone walls?

I believe they did this in order to save them in case of an earthquake. If they were left as an empty space - as a tunnel is- the chances to collapse in eventuality of an earthquake is higher than if they are filled.

Being filled there is an omogenus mass and there is no empty space where the top of the tunnel to collapse.

I believe that it could be used a machinery like a big vacuum, capable to extract the filling material from the tunnels just like they use to fill them.

You Said that strong vibration are dangerous for the tunnel and this is what you are not using a Machine in order to extract faster the filling material.

But, if the big vacuum is situated outside the pyramid and only the hoose of the vacuum is inserted into the tunnel, there will be bo danger.
It will be safe and the filling material will be removed faster.

I don’t know who is building these big type of vacuum (and if someone ever built one) but if it doesn’t exist, it must be invented.

These are my opinions regarding these topics and I wanted to share them with you as you shared the pyramid Details with all of us.

And not the last- this site is not just the oldest pyramids in the WORLD. It is more than this. We just have to Look better for the answers. Some are in front of uș and some will be revealed in the future.

Thank you for everything!
I will come and visit soon.

Best regards from România!
Daniel Săvulescu
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