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Ravne3 Tunnel Excavations – Preliminary Artefact Report on Pottery Find

Date; 29 March, 2019

Location; Ravne3 Tunnels, Westerly trending side tunnel. Depth from main passage; <10m

Inventory Number; C3019 RAV3

Type of find; Ceramic, fragment of pot

Personnel; R.Hoyle, A.Agic

Depth; Partially buried surface find, up to neck of fragment; 2cm

Description of Location; Ravne3 tunnels cut through the Ravne conglomerate rock unit. Pottery fragment was found at end of side passage at the base of the terminating tunnel wall, upside down and partially buried in the floor. Passageway shape indicates it is not a natural cavity, with tool markings identified within soft sediment (clay) identified in the roof of the passage. Passage contains a small number of animal bones (5 identified), droppings and seeds from feeding.

Dimensions of find;

Rim of Fragment; 9.5 cm

Body of fragment; 11.5 cm

Height of fragment; 5.2 cm

Weight; 69.9 g

Colour; Black

Description of find; Baked clay fragment is similar in appearance and material as that of the finds made in nearby tunnel of Ravne3 in February 2019. Black/grey in colour, medium size with fine horizontal line ornamentation from the neck down through to the body. Rim of fragment is damaged.

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