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By Dr Sam Osmanagich

In April 2005 I discovered the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko. Through the systematic scientific approach and methodology we have proven the existence of a complex made of at least five pyramids (Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, Bosnian Pyramids of the Moon, Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon, Bosnian Pyramid of Love, and Temple of Mother Earth), several tumuli (artificial conical structures) and a prehistoric underground network of passages with chambers which has two discovered entrances (Ravne and KTK).

Underneath the layers of soil and vegetation the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is covered with artificial concrete blocks which, according to seven Institutes for materials from Italy, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bosnia, has better quality than the modern 21st century concrete (strength and water absorption). The orientation of the northern side of the Sun Pyramid, with a deviation from true north being less than 0 degrees, 0 minutes and 12 seconds, is more precise than the orientation of the Egyptian, Chinese or Peruvian Pyramids according to the measurements by the Bosnian Geodetic Institute.

The age of the Pyramids is calculated by Kiev Institute for Radio Carbon Dating, based on organic material, fossilized leaves, found between the concrete blocks and it is 29,200 ±400 years. During his visit to Visoko, American astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette determined the precise calibrated (calendar) date of 34,000 years which makes the Bosnian Pyramid complex the oldest known buildings in the world. Teams of physicists, electrical engineers, sound and telecommunication engineers from Italy, Germany, Croatia, Finland and Serbia, after a series of measurements found that Pyramids generate specific energy fields and radiation.

We are pioneers in the world of studying the purpose of the Pyramids, rejecting the fairy tails that the Egyptian pyramids were built by tens of thousands of slaves for the Tomb of a Pharaoh or that the Latin-American pyramids were built as a place for sacrifice. The largest, oldest and superior pyramids were energy machines that provided pure and free energy, very specific frequencies of electromagnetism, electric fields, orgone energy, ultra sound and negative ionization, which has the functions of long distance communication, human health benefits, long life, immunity, improvement of the molecular structure of water and food, air purification, improvement of the bioenergetic field (aura) around the body, and the development of spiritual senses to their maximum potential.

Everything that is important to our lives was delivered by the energy of the pyramids. If the archaeologists and Egyptologists cannot understand us today (because no one teaches them of the real purpose of pyramids in school) in 20 or 50 years they will follow in our footsteps.

Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun in Visoko is the tallest and oldest pyramid in the world

The research of the Bosnian Pyramids has become the most active archaeological site in the world. Every year hundreds of volunteers, researchers and our workers participate in the archaeological excavations and multidisciplinary scientific measurements. So far archaeological projects in Egypt, China, Peru or Mexico have lasted 15-30 days a year with an archaeologist and 15 workers. In our case it is active working all 12 months of the year. In the past 10 years alone we have had more than 3300 volunteers from 62 countries from 6 continents. No such enthusiasm and openness in the world of archaeology has ever been recorded before.

At the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun we have 20 major archaeological sections (probes, sondas), and our plan is to open a very significant surface of the pyramid by purchasing our own plots at the base of the pyramid.

At the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon we opened up 64 probes proving that it was a unique terraced pyramid where the builders shaped the sandstone plates and stacked them into terraces. Between the terraces they used clay as a binding and building material which gave the structure flexibility in the event of an earthquake, but also water proofing, thermal and sound isolation. At the top of Temple of Mother Earth we discovered the remains of two Neolithic settlements that tell us that these areas were interesting to humans for a long time after the pyramids were built and already forgotten.

Builders used the elements of sacred geometry just like in Egypt. In the so called Cheops Pyramid we have the application of the equilateral triangle (the sides of the Pyramid) and the number Pi (3.1415) and the number Phi (1.618) which are irrational numbers. In the case of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids we also have equilateral triangles on the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun but also the equilateral triangle formed by three pyramids (Sun, Moon, Dragon) with a distance of 2180 metres between their peaks. On the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the builders used square root of 2 and 3 whose results are also irrational numbers. For ancient civilizations, irrational numbers were alive and when they were incorporated into the Pyramids the message was that the Pyramids were alive (energetically).

That is why we are going to continue our excavations, lab analysis, radio-carbon dating, and energy measurements with even higher intensity.

Volunteers at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon

So this is the project that changes world history for ever and it comes from the heart of Bosnia. Instead of stories of Bosnia as a land of war, violence, war criminals, corruption, poverty and the exit of young and educated people, therefore only negative information, we are changing its image into the Land of the Pyramids, research, volunteering, tourism, and positive energy. 15 years ago Visoko had literally zero tourists. Thanks to our promotion worldwide each year we attract tens of thousands of tourists to Visoko coming from 160 different countries from around the world.

Numbers of tourists visiting Bosnian Pyramids per year:

-          2006.: 200.000

-          2007.: 50.000

-          2008.: 10.000

-          2009.: 15.000

-          2010.: 20.000

-          2011.: 20.000

-          2012.: 25.000

-          2013.: 25.000

-          2014.: 30.000

-          2015.: 35.000

-          2016.: 40.000

-          2017.: 50.000

-          2018.: 50.000

According to the worlds leading website for accommodation capacities, Booking.com, by 2012 there was no listed accommodation in Visoko. In 2015 there were 45, 2016 – 70, 2017 – 95 and 2018 – 158 accommodations (hotels, motels, hostels, apartments, houses, cottages, bed & breakfasts and camps).

In the first years most of the visitors were in transit that stayed in Visoko for no more than 1 to 5 hours. Today more than a third of guests are staying between 1 and 10 days. This reflects positively the financial income of local hotels and restaurants.

The restaurants are adapting their menus to the demand of tourists and most of them now offer vegetarian and vegan food. There are more and more guests that are eating healthy foods, that follow good quality and anti-stress life habits and do yoga and meditation.

The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation develops several forms of tourism: archaeological, healing, volunteering and spiritual. In the past three years we have bought 50,000 square metres of abandoned wetlands. We drained them, cleared the forests, planted grass and made the most beautiful park in the south of Europe. In Park ‘Ravne 2’ there has been many donations given from all around the world, including megalithic blocks with artistic engraved symbols, spiral botanical gardens, energy stone installations, stone balls park, recreational paths and children’s playgrounds, stages for concerts and meditation. In short it is an oasis of spiritual peace and harmony with the nature. We are planning to promote new team building activities along with already existing meditation and yoga retreats with educational visits and excursions.

We are introducing new standards by creating attractions that will bring visitors from all around the world.

Prehistoric network of underground tunnels ‘Ravne’ extends for many kilometres

Since the beginning of the project when I was the only participant of the research and especially after the founding of the non-government, non-profit ‘Archaeological Park; Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation’ we are very active in media promotion. We brought the worlds largest media corporations to Visoko like ‘CNN’ (we were breaking news for two days in 2006), ‘ABC’, ‘CBS’, ‘BBC’, ‘Italia Uno’, ‘Rai Due’, ‘NTV’ from Moscow, ‘ZDF’, and many other regional and national TV companies. We are the only project from the Balkans that has had documentaries made about us for the ‘History Channel’, ‘National Geographic’, ‘Discovery Channel’, ‘Science Channel’, and others.

Our team annually creates videos of new discoveries for Youtube, we send news letters to email addresses of two million recipients, our social media teams (several web and facebook sites) publish daily news from Visoko for tens of thousands of our followers. Movie Directors from USA, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and other countries are recording and producing documentaries and feature films about the Bosnian Pyramids.

Wherever I appear, whether it is the US, India, Vietnam, Slovenia, Norway or Bulgaria, people recognise me and they express respect for our struggle for scientific truth.

Multi-tonne mega-ceramic blocks inside the tunnels of Ravne

I am still the largest single donor of research through my firm in Houston, Texas, but today the Foundation is self sufficient in financing itself through tourism for most of the year. We bring guests and we welcome them through our extensive guide service. We have a whole range of one-day and multiday pyramid programme visits with the sales of books, souvenirs, organising conferences but also visits to other intriguing locations such as the ‘Stone Balls Park’ in Zavidovici, megalithic site of ‘Daorson’ near Stolac, Stechaks, etc.

We have excellent relations and partnership agreements with state institutions at the county and municipal level, with all necessary permits for work. For a long time we have not asked for any financial help from them. We create new values and through tourism we are helping the local and wider community.

Volunteers on Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun

The Bosnian and global public are polarized regarding the Bosnian Pyramid phenomena. Those who visit us have no doubts that in Visoko is ‘Something Great Hidden’ and that it is obvious the Pyramid complex is intelligently designed and built.

Of course a large number of people are still programmed to think that the civilized world began 6000 years ago with Sumer, that the pyramids are tombs and that before them people lived in caves. Time will show the truth of our claims that the history of Mankind is cyclical and that in the last 100,000 years there have been six cycles in which civilizations have reached heights and then disappeared in global disasters.

Clearly the change in the world scientific paradigm does not suit many and they are trying to preserve the status quo. All of their books, doctoral dissertations and professional titles fall into the water as they struggle hard to stop, attack, and boycott us, using powerful media instruments such as Wikipedia or TV channel ‘National Geographic’. ‘Mainstream scientists’ who never came to Visoko still gives public statements that everything is ‘natural’ there. These are their opinions and as such are irrelevant in science.

The leading world pyramid experts who came to Visoko have given full support to research of the Bosnian Pyramids through six scientific conferences and 120 reports. Russian Pyramid builder Valery Uvarov understands all the elements used by the builders of the Pyramids in Bosnia. Professor Konstantin Korotkov from the University of St Petersburg, the inventor of the instrument that measures the impact of the pyramid energy on the human body, remains stunned by the beneficial energies of the Bosnian Pyramids. American researcher of Egyptian Pyramids, double doctorate of science J.J. Hurtak, after visiting Visoko, said that ‘Egyptologists will have to change the definition of the Pyramids due to this discovery in Bosnia’. The Egyptian triple doctorate of archaeology late Nabil Swelim became famous for his statement that ‘The Cheops Pyramid is the most magnificent in the world but the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is the largest in the world’.

In 2006 after 42 days of research in Visoko, Egyptian geologist Dr Ali Barakat stated in his scientific report that the Bosnian Pyramids are ‘100% artificial structures’. Leading Russian geophysicists, Professors Oleg Khavroshkin and Vladislav Tsyplakov from the Schmitt Institute in Moscow, after two years of measurements and analysis concluded that ‘The Bosnian & Egyptian Pyramids coincide in form, geometry and in seismic values’, and that 280m below the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun exists a network of tunnels. American archaeologist Professor Dr Ezra Zubrow told us in Visoko that ‘We have to find out who built the Bosnian Pyramids and tunnels, and when were they built’.

Bachelors and masters thesis are being written about the Bosnian Pyramids. One school in Norway is teaching its students about the Bosnian Pyramids after its professors visited Visoko.

Unlike any other archaeological project in the world, our project is independent and all other researchers are welcome as we encourage others to conduct analysis with only one condition; to share the results with us so that we can share them with the world. We are messengers of the arrival of new times in science and history.

Tourists visiting Bosnian pyramid of the Sun, covered by geopolymer, concrete blocks


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