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Ravne 3 Tunnel Excavations- Preliminary Arefact Report

Date: 08/02/2019

Location : Ravne 3 Tunnels, East- west trending side tunnel. Depth from main passage 22 m.

Inventory Number:  C3016 RAV3, C3017 RAV3, C3018 RAV3

Type of find: Ceramic, fragments of pots

Personnel: A. Agić, R. Hoyle

Depth: Partially buried surface find, several fragments found at a depth of 10 cm

Description of Location: Ravne 3 tunnels cut through the Ravne conglomerate rock unit. Fragments of the pots were found at a depth of 22 m near stalagmites, on the left side, by the wall and partially buried in the floor upside down.  Shape of side tunnel indicates it is not a natural cavity. On this location we found 78 fragments of the pots and we handed them over for further analysis by the Local Museum in Visoko. Based on found fragments we can recognise two pots with different shapes and dimensions.

Dimenzije nalaza: /

Color: Black, dark gray, dark brown

Description of find:  Baked clay that resembles medieval ceramics due to appearance and material. Fragments were found in February 2019, far from the formed stalagmites that we previously submitted for analysis. There is no evident decorations on the fragments with one exception on the edge of the pots edge/ rim where the liner decoration is visible. The fractured walls of the pots are thin. Based on found fragments their colors and the different edges of the pots it could be concluded that we have two pots with a different dimensions and shapes. The color of the interior pot walls is light brown. Samples of the soil that we found in the interior of the pot walls will be sent for analysis.







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