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In the 'Archeological-tourist park Ravne 2' the first solar lamp with LED lights is installed. This is a new technology from the Austrian manufacturer 'Photinus', which is considered one of the leaders in this high-tech market for lighting fixtures.

In the future, external lighting on the electrical network will become less and less used. This is a costly solution, since digging and placing cables always meant damage to existing car parks, pavements and streets. In doing so, the environmental impact was detrimental. The costs, due to the distance of the nearest electric lines, were high.

Unlike conventional electric lighting, solar lighting is superior. Independent commercial solar systems for outdoor lighting eliminate cable laying, trenches and other installation costs.

The advantage of solar lighting is that it can be placed in environmentally sensitive areas and places away from existing electrical outlets or where there is no electrical infrastructure. Therefore, solar lighting is an ecological and economic solution.

'Photinus' solar street lamp is environmentally friendly, neutral for insects and powered by free solar energy. Intervention in the ecosystem is minimal.

The solar module, which is a key part of this installation, converts solar energy into electricity. It is stored in a battery. By the arrival of the dawn, the solar module ceases to produce energy and at that moment the controller 'realizes' that it is dark and the lights are on. When the solar module begins to produce energy in the morning, the lights go out.

The 'Photinus' battery can produce light from 3-9 days when it has full batteries. This technology can also be a part of intelligent control when switched to 'smart mode'. This doubles the autonomous lighting time. The controller continually measures the battery voltage and reduces the brightness of the light as needed. 'Smart mode' can be activated manually or remotely.

If the battery capacity drops below 10%, the controller switches off the power supply of the LED flashlight to ensure that the battery does not discharge. This means that solar power supply during winter and bad weather can take 5-7 days. In 'smart mode', the lamp can work for up to 18 days.

If the battery is facing directly to the south, the power is the strongest and the battery is fastest. The LED module should be cleaned once a year. The battery should be changed every ten years. LED lights have a lifetime of 15 years.

'Photinus' lamps can also react to movement. The range of light sensors is seven meters. The new radar technology reacts faster than conventional motion sensors because it uses an integrated radar.

Through the radio signal, the intensity of light can be increased to the maximum, and thus better illuminate the space. After that, it can be switched to a level of lower intensity.

'Photinus' solar panels are positioned vertically so that in winter conditions the snow does not remain on the panels. Due to the reflection of the snow, the intensity of the light is even stronger during winter and snow.

Galvanized metal poles are powder-coted, which increases their lifetime.

The installation of the first solar lamp in the park "Ravne 2" was carried out by employees of the Foundation "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" on April 10, 2019. The beginning of the installation was attended by the deputy Mayor of the municipality of Visoko Emir Fejzović with employees of the Department for Local Economic Development.

The Foundation, with the unselfish assistance of the Ministry of Economy of Zenica-Doboj Canton and partners from Bosnia, Slovenia and Germany, is expected to place 25 solar lights in the park 'Ravne 2', which will become the first space with solar LED street lamps in Bosnia. Since the park is constantly open for the public, this is an invitation for all interested parties to get acquainted with this technology.

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