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Daily measurements of the negative ion concentration in the Ravne Tunnels show a steady high values.

On April 17, 2019, in sunny conditions and low 4 degrees Celsius, the concentration of negative ions in front of the entrance to the Ravne tunnel was only 600 negative ions per cubic centimeter.

In the tunnels, a stable temperature ranged between 12-14 degrees and humidity 80%. Already after twenty meters, the concentration of negative ions increases to 2.500 ni/ccm, and 60 meters from the entrance to the egg-shaped block is at a high level of 6.500 neg. Ions per cubic centimeter.

Measurements at depths of more than 150 meters from the entrance (K1, K2, K5, Healing chamber, Chamber of the orbes, Menal Meehta tunnel, etc.) show a value level of 21.000-34.000 ni / ccm. These are values ​​that lead to a very beneficial effect on human health. It is important to note that concentrations of negative ions were greater than positive ions.

In front of the 'Ravne 3' tunnel, the values ​​are 1.000 negative ions and 1.500 positive ions. However, immediately after entering the tunnels, the values ​​are doubled for negative ions, 2.000 ni/ccm, with a lower level of positive ions of 1.400 pi/ccm. In the tunnel section east-west, at 23 meters from the entrance, there are still more negative ions: 2.500 ni/ccm versus 1.500 pi/ccm.

The oxygen values ​​in both tunnels are at a good level of 20% and more.

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