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Dr. Sam Osmanagich is drawing great attention with his repeated visit to Vietnam. And this time the halls in Saigon and Hanoi were full. At the second lecture in Hanoi, this time, organized by the VMC (Vietnamese Meditation Community), at the Dong Do University building, more than 150 participants gathered.

Among them there were mostly young, educated Vietnamese, many of whom spoke English. The leaders of this community have already visited Visoko in 2018, and they used this opportunity to interest their members for an organized visit in 2020.

Osmanagich's two-hour lecture approached the World of Pyramids to the young Vietnamese. He also spoke about the importance of Vietnamese megalithic sites: Tam Dao dolmen, Da Ba Chong balancing granite rocks, and the largest free-standing megalith in the world Nui Da Bia. They testify to the existence of a megalithic culture on Vietnamese soil, much older than the claims of conventional science. About that, Osmanagich spoke in documentary filmed during his visit that already echoes the world (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIQyAQNA1Hs&t=67s).

His lecture was about the purpose of the pyramid, their scientific, energetic, spiritual and healing aspects. He also spoke on instruments of elite science, such as Wikipedia and National Geography, and their attempts to halt this project.

After the lecture, visitors asked questions for more than 90 minutes, showing an outstanding interest in discovering the oldest world pyramids.

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