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Bosnian Pyramid Complex Uncovered

"Join Jock in this 3 part webinar series, in which he will go into depth on the Bosnian Pyramid Complex and surrounding areas to give you a rare opportunity to view videos and images of the site and the excavation there, as well as new information emerging now!

Three separate seminars:

Wednesday, June 12
Wednesday, June 19
Wednesday, June 26

√ 3 pm PST (United States time)
√ 4 pm MST (United States time)
√ 5 pm CST (United States time)
√ 6 pm EST (United States time)

***Register for Free*** No Cost!! 

Thank you to Neil Gaur for creating Portal To Ascension and for helping to bring the mysteries of the Bosnian Pyramids and their builders to light. 
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