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International conference “The pyramids.The purpose of their construction around the world”- 2-3rd November 2019, Kiev, Ukraine.

Eng. Goran Marjanovic, Serbia  “Energy phenomenology of the pyramid of the Sun in Visoko, Bosnia” 12.40-13.00


According to all my theoretical and practical research, the knowledge of ancient civilizations, woven into the geometry and structure of pyramidal and sacral buildings, largely outweighs our present knowledge. Nikola Tesla was one of the first scientists of this civilization who seriously approached their knowledge and skills.

High compliance of numerical values defined by the axiomatic principles of Sankhya Karika (e.g.) and a series of modern physics phenomena from the macro and micro structure, as well as Tesla‘s masterpiece machine “Magnifying Transmitter” patameters - should be a powerful stimulus for ancient and modern knowledge harmonization, which would undoubtedly contribute to the new scientific discoveries.

Namely, in my opinion, Tesla's “Magnifying Transmitter“ - in spite of all its simplicity - is actually the most advanced machine of this civilization. By its sophistication, it is completely analogous to the Cheops pyramid, that also is a multidimensional resonant subtle-energy machine, whose vibrations are aligned with the "zero-point field" and, of course, the pulsations of the Cosmos.

In support of these considerations are all our theoretical and practical research carried out over the past 8 years by investigating energy phenomena in the Archeological Park Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Measurements were performed with scientific and certified equipment,  according to scientific methodology.

Extremely interesting measurements have been recorded during “Energetic phenomena research”, Sept. 2016, mission: “AP BPS”, Visoko, BiH that was done with a drone aircraft and a specially adapted hardware/software solution for the spatial distribution of the electric field strength scanning. It is more than interesting that the registered energy form was of the scalar type, with a very special design and geometry, difficult to explain by classical electromagnetism, which clearly indicates its specificity.

Registered spatial energy distribution in the certain space area above the top of the Pyramid of the Sun has the shape of elongated ball, or "energetic ellipsoid" with maximum intensity at its center.

Such “spherical” structure of energy field with adequate regularity that is detected indicates a “spatial standing waves” existence in the APBPS which allows an associative connection with the Nikola Tesla’ famous “Stationary waves” – what was his greatest discovery.

The synthesis of an ancient knowledge exposed in the Vedic and related documents, Nikola Tesla's technologies and contemporary scientific knowledge would certainly contribute to new scientific discoveries as well as to the achievability of Tesla's unrealized projects and series of ideas that currently are in the field of science fiction - such as movement without inertia, levitation phenomena, possibilities of instant intergalactic communications and – certainly - the prosperity of civilization in all aspects of life.

Belgrade, Sept.2, 2019

Goran Marjanovic, BScE

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