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The Discovery of Astrognosical Primordial Geometrical Matrix of the Pleiades Cluster with Effects on the Real Geographic Space

Dr. Igor Šipić

ABSTRACT This paper presents the basics of the original method of topographic space analysis and its reconstruction, in a world context. The method is derived from the discovery of astrognosical primordial geometrical matrix of the Pleiades cluster with effects on the real geographic space, regarding urban and religious organization and impostation of the cities, sanctuaries and temples. For the first time so far, this method introduces the concept of Trojan eponymy. When the method is applied outside the Mediterranean, through Arab, African and Asian world, it gives compatible spatial and temporal coordinates, which points to the Pleiadean primordial pattern as a postulate of the overall spatial and geometric arrangement of the world. The method was applied in several separate projects: Milesian colonization of the Black Sea, epic poem Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes, Hannibal's march on Rome – First Punic War, the legend of Loreto, the position and architecture of Pre-Romanesque Rotonda in Ošlje etc. The matrix is autonomous in finding the lost prehistoric cities, which was verified in some obvious examples, such as archaeological site Kasta Tomb, Amphipolis. It opens and discusses the crucial question: who would nowadays be able to construct such a properly arranged matrix in which cardinal geographic objects and prehistoric cities throughout Mediterranean and Europe function perfectly, if they have not originated through the matrix itself? The matrix projection is based on elementary geometry and mathematically confirms astronomical and terrestrial coherence through all the layers of history starting from the oldest known civilizations. Its nature is fractal and in itself precisely reflects the metaphysical principle “On Earth as it is in Heaven”. Interdisciplinary, natural science, philosophical and theosophical approach is proposed, in order to provide a critical review of this work, which, in terms of scientific research, introduces the necessary novelty and freshness, while in technological sense, enlivens the neglected dimension of the human as a depoliticized being.

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