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Dr. Sam Osmanagich has confirmed existence of Mongrando Pyramid in Italy

Pyramid researcher Dr. Sam Osmanagich has visited and investigated Mongrando pyramid hill in northern Italy. After measurements, he has confirmed existence of built pyramidal structure.


Dear Sam,
We're really excited about our discovery.  The Bessa Natural Reserve has a lot of secrets that need to be revealed. Your measurements has helped me to understand more about this hill that has always caught my attention since I was a child. What struck me most is the well-known legend in the area that tells that ancient foreigners came to the rescue of the populations autochthonous, in order to teach them to extract gold. They had the typical Caucasian traits, blonde hair and blue eyes, they were very tall and had very white skin. 
Despite they lived segregated, learned the language and revealed to the indigenous people that they had special knowledge that would help them extract gold from river sands. Once a sort of agreement has been reached, to celebrate the reception of strangers, a banquet was organized. But this very event caused a discovery that led to their escape: during the dances some women, raising their long dresses, showed their feet that were different, webbed. Laughter and shouting offended foreigners, they decided to take refuge in the mountains, without revealing the secret. The following morning, still late at night, the people decided to follow them and convince them to stay, but suddenly they saw in the middle of the hill a dazzling reflection impossible to describe.

It seemed that all the light of the next day had gathered precisely up there.

A woman appeared (a goddess?), who radiated a bright light on the threshold of a cave and the strangers suddenly disappeared, leaving as a guardian a snake in order to sow terror for the valleys.
The symbolism within the legend shows the presence of a Nordic lineage with higher knowledge and with an aspect that resembles those ministers than in the research of Mauro Biglino, starting from the translation of the Bible from ancient Hebrew, are known with the name of Elohim, colonizers, rulers, commonly identified by Christianity as gods or sometimes as demons who often present different lower limbs: palmates, goats, horses, with fish tail or snake-like. 

In this regard it is remarkable the presence in the legend of the symbol of the snake which refers to the energy of the one hand feminine connected to wisdom, transformation, rebirth and fertility, on the other to the serpent lineage and the remarkable colonizing deities in the world associated with this archetype:
from the Sumerian deities Enki and Ninkharsag to the Basques Mari and Sugaar, from the Chinese Fu Xi and Nuwa to first Mycenaean king of Athens, Cecrops, depicted as human beings with a snake's tail,
in addition to Nachash, the serpent of Genesis, the Naga, serpent divinity that populated China, the
Tibet and Asia, the Aztecs Quetzalcoatl and Cihaucoqatl. The singular interest shown by all the "gods" of antiquity for gold, called Viracochas on the Andes in the Inca kingdom, Túatha Dé Dànaan in Ireland, Elohim in Palestine, Annunaki in Mesopotamia, Théoi in Greece, Nommo in Mali near the Dogon is well known when we talk about paleo-astronautics, they appeared on board flying vehicles, establishing dominations and imposing extraction.

Why did these entities need gold? In addition to the insulating properties,
appreciated in astronautics, it would also protect from nuclear radiation, but what
is more significant thanks to the recent studies conducted by the medicine, reported by Mauro
Biglino, concerns the functions that monoatomic gold has within human cells. Their
monoatomic has a very important role in biology, and it seems that it can affect the
telomeres, the tails of chromosomes, avoiding cellular aging.

This means that the function of gold went far beyond the simple monetary function,
creative or ritual for jewelry and ornaments. It represented a cure, a long elixir
life, the philosopher's stone always sought by Alchemists.

Perhaps the time has come to reveal the secrets that make the Bessa Natural Reserve
a place so evocative that it still leads researchers to extract gold on
traces of a past that involves the entire planet, a past that needs to be
shown in all its clarity.


Irene Belloni, Italy

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