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Researcher of megalithic and pyramidal sites worldwide Dr. Sam Osmanagich was on a 10-day research mission in Sardinia (Italy). On this marvelous island, he has measured the energy phenomena of megalithic sites in the north, central and southern Sardinia.

He paid special attention to unique, conical, megalithic towers, nuraghi, unmatched in the world. For 120 years, Italian archaeologists have been trying to find answers regarding the builders, the method of construction, the time of construction and the purpose. Although they admit they have no definitive answers, they nevertheless make the following claims: 3,800 years ago, a Nuragic civilization emerged that made 20,000 megalithic towers across the island, and which were probably multifunctional. They were the headquarters of the tribal leaders, they claimed, they had a fortification role, they were observation posts, places of economic and political power, food and wine depots. And all this sounds quite logical, but there are no residential buildings here. At the time of construction of these impressive megalithic buildings, there are no traces of the settlements. Within them there is one or at most up to three rooms. There are no defense windows. The speculation of Italian archaeologists is breaking down.

True, much later, smaller circular stone structures were built along the nuraghi that may have been residential buildings. Traces of food and wine, bones and ceramics were later found. But there is no direct connection with the original builders.

It is similar to the other phenomenon: Tombs of Giants. The space below the dolmen is too narrow for potential giants.

The following are menhirs that have no official explanation. Potential tombs, Domus de Janus, a variety of megalithic structures, archaeologists attempt to classify, again, as tombs. There are also stone balls, then huge tiled plateaus. In short, the remains of a very advanced megalithic civilization, not of Bronze Age tribes. It is sad that in the XX century a large number of megalithic structures and plateaus were completely destroyed.

When measuring energy phenomena on a number of these structures, Dr. Osmanagich noted that the level of negative ions is above average, and that the structures have an unusually high level of life energy. Namely, while the natural environment, soil and grass, have a level of 20-30 percent, the blocks in these buildings reach a level of 40-55 percent. Humans have a level of life energy of 55-100 percent. In other words, shaped blocks of granite and basalt are ‘energetically alive’.

Dr. Osmanagich determined the orientation of the entrance to the nuraghi to the south, the distribution of individual niches towards the cardinal points. On the part of the objects the orientation is towards sunrise and sunset during solstices and equinoxes.

His conclusion, based on preliminary research, is that the nuraghi, as well as other megalithic objects, were built for communication, spiritual and healing reasons, and were representing the schools of KNOWLEDGE.

He presented the results of his research in a public lecture at Guasila City Hall in front of about 80 interested visitors.

He promised the attendees that he would organize the arrival of a multidisciplinary team of experts in November 2020 to carry out extensive and systematic research and present them on November 7th at a major conference in central Sardinia, at the heart of the nuraghi phenomenon.

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