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I2a Haplogroup Since the Last Ice Age

The percentile dispersion and concentration of haplogroup I to the level of I2a. annotated and animated maps and other illustrations. Prepared for the I2a1b (formerly I2a2b) group. Supposedly, the data reflects the concentrations from the 15th century CE onward. There appear to be virtually none of I2a in Sweden. However, what I found unusual and surprising is that the greatest concentration of I2a (roughly 40% to 50% of males) is found in the region between the Adriatic and Black Seas with the heaviest (>50%) being on the island of Sardinia west of Italy and in what used to be Yugoslavia (now, Bosnia-Herzegovina) in the Dinaric Alps Mountains. In an attempt to make some sense of this, 45 percent of the population of the region is Muslim having descended from Ottoman invaders in the 15th century. Given these percentages, the non-mixing of Muslims and Christians, and the low concentration of I2a in Turkey (formerly the Ottoman Empire), it may be a good guess that the vast majority of the pre-invasion Christian population were I2a. The pyramids are proof, that a more advanced civilization once existed on earth. And i know how crazy it is to claim that our history books are lying and not telling the truth, yet all the evidence points to this conclusion, im just wondering how even Michael Jackson was aware of all that. He tried to warn us, but most of us failed to listen, like always. For more information, contact Dr. John F Sase at http://saseconomics.com/_index.php or http://saseconomics.com/contact.html

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