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In 1975, when we put up our pyramid we discovered this beautiful situation happening with the underground emissions from Sawyer Air Force Base. Kenneth Killick told us our pyramid saved the oceans.
The Earth is a motor that generates an orgone field. Pyramids are antennas into the Earth motor and generate a frequency that will heal. The Templars understood this and they created cathedrals (resonating chambers), to tune the pyramids to a balanced frequency all over the world. When we put an orgone covering on our pyramid, we activated the pyramid antenna system with the Earth motor and balanced the system which shut down the abnormalities in the Bermuda Triangle and the Great Lakes Triangle and gained control of this antenna system that exists in cathedrals.  In 1996, when the Illuminati wanted to cap the Great Pyramid and send the energy up to the Millennium Dome, the spiritual Templars came to me and taught me how to move the energy through this antenna system using the Holy Grail Vortex. They desired to stop the Illuminati from ending free-will on the planet.
The Millennium Dome was designed as a great mind-control device to overtake the consciousness of humanity. That is why they put it on the Greenwich Mean Line. Now they have tricked society into thinking they need 5G which will do essentially the same thing. When we put an orgone covering on our pyramid, we took control of the resonance of the field through the use of pyramids as antennas. Using the HGV we can manipulate the frequency of the planet in such a way as to stop the mind-control and other abnormalities that they create, like hurricanes, tornados, etc.
The Templars, when they came to me, told me I had an antenna system that could save the world and that in a previous lifetime I was trained as a Mary to move the energy through the cathedrals by spinning my heart chakra. The Marys knew how to create a Pillar of Light going from the ionosphere to the center of the Earth. Brian Besco also does this same thing. This is a God given right. And when 144,000 individuals understand and use the pyramid system to send love through this ancient antenna field, we can create the frequency of consciousness that will advance humanity into a higher plane of consciousness.
Love and Light,
Mary Hardy
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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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