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Nicholas Martin Wrote...

Dear Claire

I very much support your initiative to point out the healing energy of the Bosnian pyramid complex and its tunnels.

The healing is nothing to do with faith as you say but is entirely based on the science of high frequency light – what has been called scalar light – understood by the pioneering genius Nikola Telsa as we all know.

A genius ahead of his time and he knew it. It is why he said the “past belongs to the bankers and the future is mine”.

How extraordinarily accurate he was will be seen in the coming years in which we change as humanity from a controlled illusory perception of everything to a more truthful perception

It might not be coincidental that the hard work for humanity of Sam and Sabina Osmanagic has occurred precisely at this time and it might not be coincidental either that Ken Rohla who has a great gift in explaining Torsion fields and fractal flows and who understands the geometry of pyramids, should work so closely with Sam .

Apart from the essential healing of the body at this time of so great an exposure to polluting ,microwave radiation in the air – there is what you refer to the as the meditation of the mind

I am not taking about mantras and visualization and all that well tried and failed stuff. If that had worked with so many up at it – humanity would have been utterly transformed by now.

All that has clearly not worked and society is in mess and in a crisis and we have allowed the poison of 5g - and it is all based on the authority of word thought time as controller of mind

There are not methods from time to timelessness of mind – and that is patently obvious because a method means time and time cannot get into eternity.

Time is measure – beginning and end – but the timeless has no measure and no beginning and no end

So it is clear thought and time have no place whatsoever in meditation . None at all.

That is why it is intelligent not to think. To have a mind empty of all image - and thought is image and all word is of thought

I agree with you in that the more people who can go to the Bosnian pyramids the better it is for them and for all of us

Because we share a common human consciousness – and if that consciousness is cleaned up we have a cleaner society more sane more just more of the heart – because society is not separate from us

If mind is not controlled by thought – which is the movement of memory in time – then there is a space in which thought cannot enter.

Where there is that space there is silence

And true silence of mind – empty of the noise of thought and time - has its own order and great potency

That space silence allows pure energy to flow through mind uncorrupted and uninterpreted and that itself is a transformation of mind

If we approach the tunnels with awareness and with a quiet mind – let that awareness chase thought out through the corridors of the mind

We are talking of the ending of all known things in the mind and so the end of attachment of mind to the known

That is the ending of time in the mind

That will mean a benediction beyond the grasping of the known

It will transform mind and society

I might be wrong but I doubt it

And to end – if meditation is a conscious affair it is not meditation

Best wishes


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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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