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By: Ajdin Ahmetspahić, Foundation's Guide Coordinator

This summer, each Saturday, we will be taking breaks from voluntary work at archaeological sites in Visoko and bring our guests to different parts of Bosnia. We are introducing them to our country’s historical, natural and cultural beauty. Especially interesting are remains of mystical Medieval past of this area that is unfairly been ignored. Sites of hidden Obelisk near Olovo town, secretive Stecaks at multiple locations and Old fortress in Vranduk are the sites we regularly visit. It’s much worth it.


For the last 500 years this little area between rivers Drina, Sava, Una and Adriatic Sea, has been occupied by different kingdoms, divided by empires, ruled by foreign rulers, exploited by East and West and under influence of aggressive politics of its neighbors. It survived and once again reclaimed its independence.

During those hundreds of years Bosnia’s true history has been hidden, ignored, destroyed on purpose and dismantled, manipulated, changed and directed to fulfill certain ideology. In all this mess average Bosnian’s identity has been lost and confused.

Nobody talks about Medieval Bosnian Kingdom, when this land has been sort of asylum for free souls from all over the Europe. All those who have been prosecuted because of the way they think, pray and believe, found their sanctuary here.

Bosnian kings actually were supporting the ideas of dualism coming from the East, spreading through Bulgaria with Bogumils, Northern Italy with Patarens, Southern France with Kathars…Some of those kings were actual believers themselves and were protecting people who were oppressed. Religious fanatics of Catholic Church in Rome and Orthodox Patriarchy in Constantinople were dedicated to exterminate “infidels” from Europe, organizing Crusades pursuing them both military and politically.

However, geographical position of Bosnia with its high mountains, deep river canyons, thick forests, unapproachable and isolated terrain, was always good place to hide. This is how the teachings of the ancient believes managed to survive here for hundreds of years while the others, such as Kathars and Patharens, were systematically destroyed by the same organization that was promoting “The Word” of peace, love and unity.

Because of this, Bosnia has been eyesore of religious rulers of the world for so long. Still, the stubbornness, courage and wisdom of it’s leaders won as well as dedication to have society where people are free to express their thoughts, practice their religion and coexist with each other.

The proofs of this exist all over our country. Mostly forgotten by the nationalistically orientated politicians, misunderstood by the local historians, ignored and manipulated by the international mainstream scientists, those monuments now lie under the layers of soil, camouflaged in the forests or simply presented as something they are not.

Obelisk near Olovo town, with beautiful and mystical inscriptions, is 4 meters high and made from one-piece local limestone and it deserves more than less than 1 page of explanation in national history books and documents. You can reach it following forest path, without signs, explanation tables or any sort of navigation help. We are one of rare organizations that are bringing people here.

Stecaks, UNESCO protected monuments, superficially declared as tombstones, do not deserve to be destroyed by heavy machinery, moved from one place to another being damaged and destroyed in process. Locals have been protecting those areas for centuries giving them meaning of high values, sacred sites and often supernatural labels. Today, nobody talks about it, seems we forgot the messages of tolerance these monuments are carrying.

Fortresses, such is Vranduk in Central Bosnia, do not deserve to be ignored and left to rot on the top of Bosnian hills (and pyramids, like its case with Visoki fortress on the top of the Sun pyramid in Visoko). Rare archaeological excavations at these locations are often limited, dictated and hastily done. The results that these actions bring cannot be taken as facts since they are done only to support the ruling theories that are themselves built on shaky and untested grounds.


This summer, we invite you to join us on the Expedition to the past, where we will try to feel the breeze energy of the past times and learn something about tolerance and love these people were preaching about. Discoveries of mystical Bosnian past are yet to be made. More details about volunteering here: http://piramidasunca.ba/eng/component/k2/item/10456-ekspedicije-na-bosanske-piramide-s-volontiranjem.html

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