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Chinese Check mate & Napoleon!!

In recent days, China broke many records, and earned absolutely everything, $20 billion in the first news and bought about 30% of the shares of companies that belong to the West in China.

President Xi Jinping has surpassed Europeans and intelligent American Democrats.

He played a wonderful game in front of the eyes of the entire world.

Due to the situation in Wuhan, the Chinese currency began to decline, but the Chinese Central Bank took no action to stop this collapse.

There were also many rumors that China didn't even have enough masks to fight the Corona Virus.

These rumors and Xi Jinping's statement that he is ready to protect Wuhan residents by blocking borders has led to a sharp decline in share prices (44%) in Chinese technology and the chemical industry.

Financial sharks began selling all Chinese stocks, but no one wanted to buy them and they were completely devalued.

Xi Jinping made a great move at this time, waiting for a whole week and smiling at the press conferences as if nothing special had happened.

And when the prices fell below the allowed limit,
he ordered to buy ALL the shares of Europeans and Americans at the same time!

Then, the "financial sharks" realized that they had been cheated and bankrupt.

But it was too late, because all the shares had passed to China, which at this time not only earned
$ 2000 Billion,
but thanks to the simulation,
once again becomes the majority shareholder of companies built by Europeans and Americans.

The shares now belong to their companies and have become owners of the heavy industry on which the EU, America and the entire world depend.

From now on, China will set the price and the income of its companies will not leave the Chinese borders, but remain at home and maintain all the Chinese gold reserves.

Therefore, the American and European "financial sharks" proved stupid and in a few minutes the Chinese collected most of their shares, which now produce billions of dollars in profits!

You don't remember such a bright movement in the history of the stock market!

The Chinese president at Wuhan Hospital without muzzle ..
 China officially announces victory over the Corona virus

 Did the Chinese deceive the world with the Corona Virus?  And they saved their economy ?!

 This is what the Americans and Europeans think, after they sold their shares in high-value-added technology companies for a minimal price to the Chinese government.

 According to them, the Chinese leadership used an "economic tactic" that made everyone swallow the bait easily, before they asserted that China did not resort to implementing a high political strategy to get rid of European investors, in support of China's economy, which would bypass the US economy with this step ..!

 And because it teaches the science of certainty that Europeans and Americans are looking for excuses to slow and bankrupt the Chinese economy, China has sacrificed some hundreds of its citizens, instead of sacrificing an entire people ..!

 Through this tactic, China succeeded in "deceiving all", as it reaped about $ 20 billion in two days, and the Chinese president succeeded in deceiving the European Union and the United States of America in the eyes of the world, and played an economic game of a tactical nature, which was unthinkable.  !

 Before the Corona virus, most of the stocks and stakes in investment projects at "Technology and Chemicals" production plants were owned by European and American investors ..!

 This means that more than half of the profits from the light and heavy technological and chemical industries went to the hands of foreign investors, not to the Chinese treasury, which led to a decline in the Chinese currency, the yuan, .. and the Chinese central bank could not  To do something against the continuous fall of the yuan ..!

 There was even widespread news that China was unable to purchase masks to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.  These rumors and the Chinese President’s statements that he is “not ready to save the country from the virus” have led to a sharp drop in the purchase prices of shares of technology companies in China, and the empires of “foreign” investors have raced to offer investment shares for sale at very low prices, and with attractive offers,  "Never seen before" in history ..!

 The Chinese government waited for foreign share prices to reach their "almost free" minimums, and then issued an order to purchase them.  And bought the shares of Americans and Europeans ..!

 And when European and American investment financiers realized that they had been deceived, it was too late, as the shares were in the hands of the Chinese government, which in this process nationalized most of the foreign companies erected on its soil in a near-free manner, without causing a political crisis or a single shot ..  !

 The same sources confirmed and pointed out that "Corona" is a "real" virus, but it is not a terrible danger that has been promoted across the world ..!

 China began to take out the anti-virus vaccine, this vaccine that it had owned from the beginning on the shelves of refrigerators after it had received its goal ..!

Thank you ! Though relatively similar “looting” of London stock exchange was dona by Nathan Rothschild during the battle of Waterloo, after Duke Wellington send him signal ( high speed transfer at that time ) that Napoleon is being stoped and defeated!!!

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