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Bosnian Pyramid complex and Fojnica River

Dear Sir,

Hope this email will reach you well and safely. Allow me please firstly introduce myself. My name is Don Abeyratne originally from Sri Lanka, in 1977 came to UK for my under graduate studies in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Since then I have read for education in post graduate degrees and worked for corporate conglomerates. Now I am retied and I have taken a keen interest in fields such as free energy, zero point energy, radiant energy scalar waves etc, etc the list goes on.

Having studied higher studies in Electrical, Electronic and Computer Architecture, when I first heard you talking about Bosnian Pyramids, forgive me Sir, I was confident beyond any doubt that it was a hawk’s call by a local businessman. But for some reason yonder to my comprehensive explanations, articles about the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun, Moon etc continued to POP-UP in many articles I read. Even then, I was fairly confident enough to say that was a brilliant marketing ploy by this master brain of a Bosnian Gentleman called Dr. Semir Osmanagic.

It intrigues me, when I look back to realize that, this forceful dilution of a metaphor about Bosnian Pyramids kept on following me at many a turns. I fell ill in 1912 when I underwent a major hear by pass. Of course during the recovery period taking up a lot slower pace of life, I started to read about unused articles and watched You-Tube programs about this most controversial Bosnian Pyramids of the Sun. That was also when my focus turned in to renewable energy theories, alternative medicines etc, etc, together with that great scientist Nikola Tesla’s unparalleled theories about the Universe.

My waves of thought processors had changed. In the last three years I have started to relate the unprecedented relationships between scalar energy (some call it healing energy), ionised pure air, structured running water, healing forests, etc, etc and Bosnian Pyramids and Tunnel Ravne. I gave in my stubbornness in thinking to the unusual energies in the tunnels which I now have realized that the energies are because of air ionisation by ionised water vapour. The reason for this easily proven with basic Physics theories.

Allow me please to explain my thoughts with open for your criticisms at all times.

Fojnica River flows through the Bosnian Pyramid complex. It appears to have a very calm and a passive flow. This river cannot be passively flowing for a length of 46 km (before reaching Bosna) with a basin area of 733 square kilometres. The length of this river flow should build up a reasonable momentum by the time it reach the Bosnian Pyramids. However it does not gather momentum, for the simple reasons as it has concrete and harden clay water breaks in the middle of the river similar to Austrian Engineer Victor Schauberger (1885 -1958) findings and designs.  A further point to research is, if the blocks in the banks of this river and are in the middle (breaks) may not be concrete, but ‘technically’ hardened a clay type material.

The way the breaks are placed in the middle of the river, creates a vortex motion in water, slowing down the flow by reducing the kinetic energy. The vortex motion of water creates an impulsion (inward motion rather than an explosion (outward) as one would visualise when water colliding with a barrier. The ‘energy’ cannot be made to disappear. In the Fojnica River due to vortex motion of water it gets vitalized by ionisation.

When generally a river runs always downhill, the force of water moves the stones including quartz crystals on the riverbed in the direction of the flow. The ionisation could be explained by compression of quartz as a result of collision with each other on the riverbed, and also due to the pressure variances from the flow of water. If the vortex motion is excessively present, it increases the number of collisions together with the rate of change of pressure on quartz crystals and increases the ionisation. The water from Fojnica River flows under labyrinth Ravne. This probably explains why the excess energy is in the underground labyrinth Ravne. Such Ionised evaporated water vapour increases the purity of air in the Bosnian Pyramid complexes.

The vortex phenomena purifies water and also reduces the meandering water flow in the river. This prevents the damage to the banks of the river. Again the water breaks in the middle of the river are not natural neither are manmade.

If water is flown on an angled plane of glass, it takes a meandering path creating vortexes, where one could study a mathematical model.  If the flow is under gravity the mathematical model will comply with the Fibonacci model. This will be evident in the river flow of Fojnica River. This river should give lot of supportive evidence to the characteristics findings of the Bosnian Pyramids.

I have now collected several scientific connections to above mentioned relationships. The speculations is such that tunnel Ravne are not natural phenomena which I believe too, however they are also not “manmade”.

The complete Bosnian Pyramid area, I may have evidence to prove that it was a habitation of possibly extra-terrestrial habitation or some other superior life form that may have lived in this area more than 35000 ago. Speculation is also such that Bosnian Pyramids could be as old as 25000 years. Sir this is not possible, as I may be able to show that the intelligence on the earth 25000 +/-1000 years ago could have been very similar to the intelligence on the earth today. The technology that your geologist’s findings around Bosnian Pyramids could appear be either between 18000 and 22000 or 35000 to 40000 years. If you may or may not fathom, strangely I may quote, that the period of 18000 to 22000 ago would have been more advance than today’s technology. However, to be more accurate, studying the technological status quo of the civilization of Bosnian pyramids then, may have possibly been between 35000 to 40000 years ago. One also could argue the period between 18000 to 22000 should be a lot more advance than the period between 35000 to 40000. But with my findings in fact will not be the case. Opportunities providing I will prove this is the case in the due course.

I am finding it difficult to estimate the period of Bosnian Pyramids were between 18000 and 22000 as for my reasoning. This reasoning I will enhance in the due course. As you may agree that carbon dating has very little accuracy when it comes to carbon date artifacts that are a lot older than 10000 years. The accuracy of the same become exponentially incorrect for periods over 20000 years.

I have created scalar waves similar to the methodologies used by Nikola Tesla following his footsteps. It is not yet clear how the scalar energy phenomena is observed in the Bosnian pyramid complex. I firmly believed there is an unidentified technical area to answer this question within the pyramid complex, whilst firmly convicting the scalar energy experienced in the complex are not due to the ionisation of water vapour.

Sir, I will be visiting the Pyramids this summer for about a week for the first time but will be many of course. I will inform you ahead of time of my visit, time permitting if you are available it will be my pleasure to meet you.


Don Abeyratne

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