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The Foundation introduced drastic austerity measures on the first weekend in March 2020, above all businesses and other entities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region. Due to the lack of foreign and domestic guests and lack of income, the Foundation and its company 'Bosnian Pyramids Ltd.' have served dismissals on all employees with a 14-day notice period. That deadline expired in mid-March. As early as March 20, the Foundation paid all workers for the month of March and paid all contributions and taxes. In doing so, it took into account restrictive measures that come with regard to the movement of people and the work of business entities, and made these payments 12 days before the upcoming first of the month.

On the same day, March 20, the Foundation paid out all the suppliers with whom it cooperated in February and March by procuring different materials, such as wooden boards, concrete pipes, pouring concrete and using machinery at the locations of the Foundation.

All construction projects were stopped and canned: construction of an installation 'Time Machine' in the park 'Ravne 2', a large parking lot and a doorman in front of the tunnel.

After the official closing for visitors to all pyramid, tunnel and park locations on March 18, all guides were sent home. Only the core of the Foundation team in charge of safekeeping, safety and maintenance remained at the locations.

The whole world will enter the worst recession since 1929 due to the situation caused by the effects of the pseudo corona pandemic. This will lead to the collapse and bankruptcy of a large number of businesses. The Foundation knew that it could not count on the interest of state authorities to assist in this situation. After all, the news of the dismissal of the Foundation's workers did not attract any attention from the concerned tourism authorities from the Federation level, for example.

The Foundation took the course not to borrow, not to take out loans, and to have all its obligations towards workers, the state, suppliers and public companies settled. Only in this way can Foundation normally resume its activities when communication links begin to revive, people start to travel and when the Foundation's cash flows begin to arrive.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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