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Subterranean Survey 2020 Ravne Tunnels Complex

By: Richard Hoyle, Foundation’s Field Geologist

In winter of 2020, The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation undertook a comprehensive survey of the underground Ravne Tunnels Complex. Principle personnel of the Foundation conducting the survey was field geologist Richard Hoyle and field archaeologist Amna Agić. Brought onboard for this research task was Tarik Harbaš, of the Geodetic Services Agency ‘Survey Wizards’, bringing with him 17 years’ worth of vital professional surveying experience.

The purpose of the survey was to create an accurate map of each excavated tunnel section with the dimensions, position and orientation of features inside the tunnels being recorded. Tunnel junctions & major meeting points, chambers, channelized water sections and archaeological materials such as drywall constructions were all surveyed and included in the maps. Many passages inside the Ravne Tunnels remain unexcavated.

The production of an accurate map showing the position and general heading of each unexcavated passage will assist in future work, helping to decide which passages should receive excavation priority. Knowing the geodetic position of each tunnel will also allow for knowing what topographic and manmade features exist above the tunnels, upon the surface.

The production of an accurate Ravne Tunnels Complex map is also an invaluable resource for understanding if there are any underlying design principles determining the routes of the tunnels, or whether their directions are random. The surveyed layout of the passages may also provide researchers clues as to the motivation and original practical purpose of the tunnels at Ravne.

More in attached Report.

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