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Geometric Alignments of the Bosnian Pyramids

Part I - The Equilateral Triangle, by Foundation's Field Geologist Richard Hoyle
The Bosnian Pyramid Valley contains many planer geometric alignments between the peaks of the Pyramids and the surrounding hillsides. In this first video of a series, we will take a short look at the most easily observed alignment, the equilateral triangle. 

The Bosnian Pyramids of Sun, Moon & Dragon are situated at each apex of the triangle, each equidistant from one another at 2.2km. 

 As this video series continues, we shall see that the geometry present across the Bosnian Pyramid Valley cannot be down to chance of nature, but that a deliberate and conscientious application of sacred geometric principles used in the construction of the Bosnian Pyramids now governs the shape of the topography we find surrounding the Bosnian city of Visoko today. 

Richard Hoyle is the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation field geologist. He has been involved with the research and excavations within the Bosnian Pyramid Valley since 2010.

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