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Novak Đoković visited Bosnian Pyramids: If there is a paradise on Earth, then it is here

Novak Đokovic, the best tennis player in the world and the most important ambassador of Serbia and the Balkans of all time, visited the Bosnian pyramids in Visoko and Dr. Sam Osmanagich for three days (July 13-15, 2020). He had enough time to visit most of the sites managed by the ‘Archaeologial Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’ Foundation: Pyramid of the Sun and Moon, the Ravne Tunnel, the Ravne 2 Park, Aero Spa and much more ...

His statement: "The impressions are incredible"

"I have so many impressions that it is difficult to summarize everything in a short answer of one minute, but if there is a paradise on Earth, then it is here.

There are some places in my life that I have visited where I feel comfortable, but how can I say - here I am completely fulfilled - in every way. This is really a very unique experience for me.

I've been in what they call the "alternative world" for over a decade, even though we know it's the "original world" ... I have been to different places that are considered energy centers and have concentric circles, etc. and I have visited pyramids... But I've never experienced anything like this ... or indeed I have experienced something, let us say, something similar on Mount Rtanj in Serbia.

Djokovic speaks to Dr. Sam: There is no superlative and words of thanks that would describe you and everything you have done here ... not that I'm flattering you here now, because you know that yourself ...

And all these people who work here as volunteers - and in fact, the number of volunteers essentially indicates whether or not you are doing something good for the community, the country and this city..... "


"... This is a discovery mission and you are an explorer and a man who has actually discovered something that will be of energetic and spiritual importance or is already for the prosperity of the whole world, not only for the Balkans and Bosnia, but simply for all of us.

I think people are slow to understand the essence of all this, but my subjective feeling is phenomenal and I'm fascinated by the Pyramid of the Sun, which you can only see 70 to 80 percent. All of this has yet to be revealed and you have said yourself that you have reached (through tunnels) about 20%, and all this must now go its way.

I admire you Dr. Osmanagich and thank you on behalf of the whole civilization..."

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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