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Solstice Conjunction by Richard Hoyle

This year’s Winter Solstice at the Bosnian Pyramids is going to be very special, marked by a rare astronomical event.

This event has been recognised for its importance through the ages and was named 'The Great Conjunction' by ancient astrologers.

At this year’s Winter Solstice, the two largest planets in our Solar System, Saturn & Jupiter, will appear to align with one another in the night sky. This event will be visible in the northern hemisphere to the naked eye as the two planets appear as one bright 'Star'. Though these planets align every twenty years, they have not had a conjunction where they appear so close together than since 1623.

This event is also made extra special because for the first time in almost eight hundred years, this conjunction will occur within the astrological sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is an Air sign and for the last two hundred years this conjunction has only occurred within Earth signs.

15thC – 17thC; Water element   (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces)

17thC – 19thC; Fire element      (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)

19thC – 21stC; Earth element    (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo)

21stC – 23rdC; Air element                 (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius)

Earth signs concern themselves with materialism, land ownership, industry & planetary resources. In these last two hundred years we have seen the industrial revolution and the relentless stripping of our planets riches (mining, oil extraction, and the pollution that comes with such activities). The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction has most recently been occurring within Capricorn, the tenth house, which concerns itself with hierarchical structures, corporations, boundaries, rules, and authority.

In this new era, the Air signs concern themselves with communication, cooperation, new inventions, intellect and creativity. The last time ‘The Great Conjunction’ occurred within the sign of Aquarius (the eleventh house) was in 1405. Aquarius rules rebellion, revolutions, sudden events, social justice and humanitarian causes. At the time of this last Aquarian conjunction came the end of the Mongolian Empire in the East and the ending of the Dark Ages in the West. In Europe we saw the beginning of the Renaissance period, a time of ideological renewal and rebirth. New ways of thinking were embraced, leading to changes in governance, with art, culture and sciences flourishing.

Regarding the planets themselves, Jupiter can be associated with growth and optimism, hope, tolerance and expansiveness. Saturn is restrictive, bringing structure and meaning. It reminds us of our boundaries and responsibilities. When the two planets come together every twenty years, we see old forms and ideas falling away to make space for new ways of doing things. In recent years we saw the conjunction of these two planets occurring in 1980, at the beginning of a new decade, moving into opposition in 1990 and then coming back together in 2000, opposing one another again in 2010. At this year’s Winter Solstice, the two planets will again be in conjunction but will now come to be in union within the air sign of Aquarius. This will mark a new era, bringing with it sudden disruptions to established systems, orders and structures. Collective ideas and the way we communicate as a society will change dramatically.

This is why ‘The Great Conjunction’ of 2020 occurring this Winter Solstice is so significant for us here within the Bosnian Pyramid Valley. Since investigations on the Bosnian Pyramids began in 2005, Dr Sam Osmanagich has been consistent with his messages to the world. In promoting the knowledge of ancient lost civilisations, Dr Sam has often stated that the old ways of thinking have been in desperate need for replacement. In order to understand the purpose and significance of ancient sites like the Bosnian Pyramids, new ideas and concepts must be brought forth and discussed seriously, while old outdated modes of thinking must be let go. The holistic union of archaeology, science and spirituality is a core value here at the Bosnian Pyramid Valley, completely opposing the old ways of thinking.

Finally, there is an ever growing community of people who share the same vision as Dr Sam, who come to the Bosnian Pyramids each year. The Bosnian Pyramid Valley and the Ravne2 Park has become a sort of ‘hub’ for these people. New ideas are communicated, new concepts of living are shared, new ways of looking at ourselves as a society and as a species are explored. This is exactly what the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is all about bringing into our world. 

Those who have taken the journey to visit and experience the Bosnian Pyramids, I have no doubt, have already been ready and waiting in eager anticipation for ‘The Great Conjunction’ and the new era for humanity that it will bring. 

So to all of you, please enjoy this year’s Winter Solstice and if it’s a clear evening, look towards the southwest near to the horizon, and you will be able to see the two gassy planets as one.

Positive Vibes from The Bosnian Pyramid Valley,

Richard Hoyle







Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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