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Mythology, memory of life as a fetus : Free pdf

Mythology would represent memories of the fœtal stage of life.

Adam would be the fetus;

Eva, the umbilical cord, close to the fetus;

The tree of life, the placenta;

The snake in the tree, the umbilical cord close to the placenta;

The snake asks to the woman : the two sides of the cord are connecting each other;
Noah, the fetus that goes to birth;

The flood, the amniotic liquid that falls at birth;

The ark, the amniochorionic membran that protects the fetus;

This is the result of a work of 25 years.

The book about these discoveries, The Mythological Life, has been improved with a few more articles.

You can find its pdf file, MythoLife, attached here.

Feel free to send it to your relatives : I would be so happy if people know about these discoveries.

Best regards,

François Dor


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