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Pleiades star system. The lizard people came from the star system depicted on the stone!

This is a 30lb stone that was brought into my gallery by a local man. It had been in his fathers house for 80 years. His father is dead now and he didn’t know what to do with it. He left it with me and I called the state of New Mexico. 

Two archeologists came to look at it. It is 500 to 1000 years old and the rock is local. I thought they would take it if it was real but they did not. 

A few weeks later an Apache elder saw at and told me that it is a story stone. It was taken from place to place to tell a story. He said that this depicts the lizard people who’s came and taught them wisdom. The lizard people came from the star system depicted on the stone and their home is on a planet circling the star touching the large lizards tail. When you look it up on a star map it is the Pleiades star system.

This stone still sits in my gallery. It is not for sale. I do not consider it mine. Someday it will find another place to tell its story.

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