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Semir Osmanagic presented new Discoveries and Attractions in the Bosnian Pyramids

In the past few days, a regular annual meeting of all employees of the Foundation “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” from the guide and administrative service was held. The reason for the meeting, in addition to regular activities, was to get acquainted with the latest discoveries through a guided presentation in the prehistoric underground complex of the Ravne tunnel.

The meeting and presentation were led and moderated by Semir Osmanagic with the assistance of a guide, and through a tour of the Ravne tunnel, new discoveries were presented, as well as findings and analyses made in the past period. The most interesting thing for visitors is certainly the opening of the route in the tunnels, which is officially included in the tour of the Ravntunnel.

Two attractive locations were merged

So far, the Foundation has discovered a total of six entrances to the tunnels, namely the KTK tunnels and the tunnels we discovered at the Ravne Complex. During the past year, we were active in the tunnels RavneRavne 3, and Ravne 5. In the Ravne tunnels, which are our biggest tourist and archeological attraction, we have cleaned 2.400 meters so far, and during this winter we were the most active and made a combination of two attractive locations, ceramic blocks K-2 and K-5. We cleaned in both directions and during the month of January we managed to connect, and to find a large number of side passages on that route, as well as dry stone walls, which tell us that ancient builders made a huge underground maze, Osmanagic explained.

New tunnel network

Unfortunately, without significant financial support, it would take over 100 years to clean these tunnels, so the Foundation hopes that there will be a turnaround in this segment as well and that the works will be accelerated.

I hope that in the near future we will get big donors who will help us financially to employ more people who would help us to fully discover the secrets of the Ravne tunnel. As for our guests, they already have the opportunity to see the new network of tunnels from this moment, which will bring new attractions from the tourist side, Osmanagic said, according to the PublicRelations Department of the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation.

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