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“A place of regeneration offered to the New Humanity”

“Some time ago we told you about the civilization of the pyramids. They were placed on this world by your galactic brothers, obviously in agreement with the human beings who, at that time, lived on your planet.

The pyramids are of great importance. It's not just on Earth! They exist on many worlds and in many dimensions. The pyramids are receptacles of energies. There is everything that can now be useful for the next cycle of civilisation.

There are treasures in the pyramids! They are not treasures made of gold, silver, or jewels! These are vibrational treasures and treasures left behind by those who built the pyramids. These treasures will not only be made available, but some, especially at the level of energy and vibrations, will be reactivated to allow planet Earth and all living things to ascend much faster.

Of all the pyramids, of those which are discovered, of those which begin to be discovered like those in Bosnia, and of those which will be discovered, such as those buried under the ices in the seas, they will emanate a quite particular vibratory frequency.

I see a kind of sphere with peaks which are in certain pyramids. From them emanate lights and sounds which resonate as if to ring the alarm clock of the other pyramids. They tell me :
“The pyramids of Bosnia are special, and you will make discoveries that will surprise humanity because you can enter them. For a very long time they have not been visible to humans, so they keep intact all the treasures that are there.
There are also very important pyramids in China! We have hidden its existence from you. The Chinese government knows where they are thanks to current technical means that did not exist before. Many governments know the importance of the pyramids but do not yet really understand their usefulness and why beams of light emanate from certain pyramids,
The discovery of the pyramids of Bosnia will allow humanity to understand what its history really was. Discoveries cannot be hidden! All over the world, there are too many archaeologists, engineers, architects, and volunteers working to update these pyramids and to understand them.
You will discover corridors; when you borrow them, your vibrational frequency will totally change. Certain pyramids were very high places of initiation, places where beings could completely recharge themselves but also completely prevent the aging of cells, simply prevent any ageing. However, beings who are not in vibrational harmony, who are not ready to be in these places, may be very inconvenienced (and even more than that, but we will not go into details).
In part of the pyramids of Egypt (you have not discovered everything) there were timeless doors, what you call the star doors. These doors exist in all pyramids of a certain level, of a certain importance. They are simply passages of a great, very high vibration, which can take you either to the end of the world or to other worlds.
It is for this reason that the discovery of the pyramids must be done with great caution and discernment. If some have been hidden until now, especially by being buried under the ground, it is because men were not yet ready to discover them.
This is very important for you, because if all these pyramids are reactivated and particular energies emanatefrom them, it means that humanity is beginning to be ready and that nothing will be able to prevent humanity from advancing. and understanding. »

Now they are taking me underground. It's not underground. I am still in Bosnia, near these pyramids. I am walking in a corridor; I have a lot of trouble because I feel like I'm suffocating. I see dirt all around me, but I walk through it because it doesn't slow me down.
I feel a lot of vibrations, tingling everywhere in my human body, in the one who stayed in my country, because I'm like splitting. I feel the sensations where I am, and I also feel the sensations in my body from which I am however so far away! I advance, I cross the material and it is very unpleasant.
I now see a luminous being in human form. He tells me;

“I am a keeper »
He asks me to follow him. There are a lot of hallways! Lots of very crowded hallways. It is so unpleasant! I have trouble moving forward! Why am I struggling to move forward when I have no body? It is the sensation that is given to my physical body that is unpleasant!
I am not in an astral splitting. I am not in projection of consciousness, since I see an energetic double of me. I don´t know how to explain it!
I still have trouble breathing but I keep walking. Everything clears up, there is much less matter. I feel much lighter. I perceive my guide better; he is more and more luminous.
He smiled at me and said:

"Your conscience is clearing up!" You begin to deeply feel the vibration of the place. You can feel it and live it because you are not in matter. »
He directs me to a large room which lights up as we enter. It lights up with a white light, as if despite everything it was the sun that illuminated this room. It is not pale white; it is solar light! In the middle of this room there is a form that I cannot define made only of very dazzling white energy. He tells me:
“Remember Atlantis! There was this energy in the temples, in the pyramids. This energy has never been lost; it still exists on Earth, but it is hidden from humans because if they misused it, they could destroy the planet. »
I am drawn to this energy. He tells me:
“Depending on what you are, this energy can build you up or destroy you. It works with the vibratory frequency and with the consciousness of Love that beings have. The guardians of this immense energy were beings of great purity; they never had an inferior thought, for if they had one, they would have been consumed by the energy. »
I always have a little trouble breathing, not that the material of the corridors bothers me, but because of the vibratory frequency of the place which, in a certain way, compresses the lungs of the human body to which I am connected.
He is now taking me elsewhere. I am still attracted to this energy. I turn around to see it again, but I no longer perceive it; it may have disappeared from my eyes but it most likely exists. The being who accompanies me does not speak to me about it.
I now see a wall that is getting brighter and brighter. In this wall there are like small spheres of several colors, living spheres. It is as if the wall were alive! I don't understand the process. He tells me:
“With this “wall” we can correspond with a multitude of planets, and the small spheres that you see are the planets of the whole solar system, of our whole galaxy. You are not aware of all that exists on Earth, of all that the great teachers, the builders of the pyramids, have left for you.
Who are you? Think? Didn't you also live during the period of the great teachers of the pyramids? Try to feel it within you and you will have the answer! Everything is cyclical and you have lived in so many different periods!
You also came back at the end of the journey to release certain energies; some of you have come back to reactivate certain places, through Love, through understanding, by going to period places like the pyramids of Bosnia at Machu Picchu and other places that are currently being reactivated.
You, human beings, have come back in this very particular period to reactivate what you have installed in other existences. It is for this reason that certain human beings are very attracted by these places, in particular by the pyramids of Bosnia. They are drawn in because they know they need to return to places they not only knew but helped create.
The pyramids have great utility on the planets, already from their form and far beyond, because in the pyramids we have left everything that will serve the new humanity.
Me, I do not belong to your world, but I often come there to reactivate what must be! I come from another galaxy. I have the ability to create through thought, like many of my brothers, and even to create pyramids. However, for the moment, that is not what I want to discuss with you. »
I'm still in this room. I still feel this tingling, this vibration, I still have the unpleasant sensation of running out of air. He tells me:
“You will discover extraordinary things in Bosnia and elsewhere. Very important pyramids will emerge from the ice and snow. There will be many surprises for humans, and all of this cannot be hidden despite the best efforts some will make to minimize or hide all information. »
I pass through a wall. The feeling is strange! I find myself in a completely round room flooded with a violet color light. I think what I consider a room is an energy. I feel good! I feel like my whole body is regenerating! I experience immense joy, immense serenity, total well-being! I would like to stay in this place for a long time. I feel that I am beginning to perceive another vibration of Love. I feel so good! He tells me:
"Now you must leave this place which you could call 'place of total regeneration!' at the level of matter, or the level of spirit and even at the level of Love.
This place has the specificity of relieving you of everything that has been able to permeate what you are at the human level and of everything you have been able to attract. »
He shows me the human body as a magnet that attracts many things from outside and sticks to it. It also attracts many things from consciousness and emotions. These are things that should not be.
“By going to this place, you cleanse yourself of everything that is stuck to you from the outside. They can be thought forms, entities, unwanted energies. In this place you are liberated and cleansed of all that comes from outside and also of all that you have created. These places of regeneration will be offered to the new humanity! Many beings crossing the "wall" will regenerate in this very particular place to be able to continue the work that they have to do. »
Transcribed and translated from a French bulletin - 2014 and translated to English - Google Translator

Association Du Ciel A La Terre – Pech Lafaille 24200 Sarlat – France

Bulletin no. 97, 1er trimestre - 2014

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