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On March 21, 2022, the ‘Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun’ Foundation started the construction of two top quality tennis courts in the beautiful ‘Archaeological and Tourist Park Ravne 2’ in Visoko.

In the past few weeks, earthworks are underway, installation of drainage pipes for groundwater drainage, filling of the terrain with 1,200 cubic meters of large buffer to stabilize the ground, earthworks for the stands and the beginning of the construction of locker rooms.

Extensive work on adding about 1,500 cubic meters of smaller tampon follows in order to obtain adequate compressive strength and prepare the ground for asphalting. There is also drainage for surface, rainwater, installation of power cables, construction of a facility for four locker rooms and two offices, construction of two side stands and central stands and the like.

After these major works on the preparation of substrates in April and May 2022, it is expected to start installing the highest quality substrates-coatings for the first, hard terrain in order to achieve the quality of the world's best hard terrains. The second terrain should be prepared for 85 tons of slag. After that, spotlight, wire fence, nets and other equipment will be installed. Experts from the "Novak" Academy from Belgrade will take care of the top quality.

In this way, fields will be obtained that will be close to the level of the ground at the US Open in New York and Roland Garross in Paris. The grandstands and nearby benches should accommodate more than 1,000 visitors.

Thus, the Foundation would build the first open court with a hard surface in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from these two courts it would have a location for the preparation of top tennis players for most world tournaments.

Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr Said Fazlagić, Director of the Tennis Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Senad Hadžimešić, Mayor of Visoko Mirza Ganić, Chairman of the House of Representatives Mirsad Zaimović, Members of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH Miralem Galijašević and Nermin Mandra, Kaknja Mayor Mirnes Bajtarević and Jusic, tennis player Aldin Setkic and others gave full support to this project and the ideas of the Foundation.

In a statement, Senad Hadžimešić pointed out:

"We hope that, after the completion of the complex, our senior and junior national teams will come here for longer preparations in the area of pyramids, tunnels and parks."

The opening of the court is expected on July 13, 2022, with an exhibition meeting of the world's best tennis players. In the introductory meeting, the best Bosnian tennis players would meet. That day will be dedicated to tennis because we expect that the tennis cadet national teams of Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia will also attend the opening. The champion of the Sarajevo Opera, Marko Kalajanović, will perform in the cultural program with the aria ‘Toreador’ from the opera ‘Carmen’.

The goal of the Foundation is to create the highest quality Regional Center for the preparation of the world's top tennis players, and for the preparation of senior and junior national teams from the region. Top exhibition matches of active and former world tennis stars are also expected to be played.

Apart from the sports aspect, the tourist promotional one is also important, which will confirm the fact that the Foundation generates only positive stories from the heart of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids.

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