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K2 ceramic Megallith – targeted energy transfer from seismic activities to improve air?

When we entered the chamber of the  world-famous ceramic Megaliths K2 (ceramic 2) on 22.04.2022, a much fresher air was already noticeable than in the rest of the tunnel tract that evening.

The fact that it was not just an emotional impression was shown by my instruments. The ion counter showed over 900,000 neg. ions / cm³, which was extremely unusual because in the other gears the value was 20,000 - 60,000. Likewise, the oxygen level rose to 20.9%, in contrast to the 19.5% prevailing that evening.

I explained to the group that there are always strong deviations within the tunnel, but as drastically as this time, it happens very rarely. As with most phenomena in the labyrinth, there was no clear answer to the "why". We therefore simply enjoyed the gift of this enormously high dose of negative ions and the associated positive effects on our body.

It was our last evening of this group trip and as always we sat comfortably at the fireplace bar in our Pyramid Lodge after the tunnel session and reviewed the week a bit. When one participant suddenly noticed that the tables were vibrating, which was at first commented as a joke due to the wine consumption. But when the glasses wobbled and clinked, the round suddenly became quiet and realized the actual situation.

Before we could react, a huge blow among us made the house feel like a jump, then everything was quiet again.  Fortunately, our lodge as well as the city Visoko  itself did not suffer any damage.

In itself, there are almost daily light earthquakes in the region, as well as in Croatia and Serbia, but a  6 he on the Richter scale is not so common. In this respect, I would probably have ignored the whole thing with a slight tremor. However, the incident made me think of the extreme values in the tunnel, I measured before. So I came up with the idea of comparing my measurement protocols of recent years with the earthquakes in the region.

And voilà – on days with extreme deviations of 100,000 and higher negative ions, there was always a quake of magnitude 3 and higher. However, an increase of the Oxygen could not always be measured.

But the matches of high amounts of negative Ions and quakes refer to almost 30 results related to the reports from 2017 – 2019 / 2021 -2022. In the course of this year we had again a few quakes from 3 and also here the increased negative ions that could be measured on that day are confirmed. There can therefore no longer be any question of a coincidence, even if I am not in the tunnel every day.

Exceptional year 2018

It must also be mentioned in this research that we (the team of the Pyramid Foundation of Dr. Osmanagic and I) were able to observe a previously unexplained phenomenon in the Ravne Tunnel in 2018.

From January to June, constant values of several hundred thousand to more than 2 million negative ions / cm³ were suddenly measured, instead of the previously prevailing units of 10,000 – 60,000 .

Until today its staying on this level which is still a huge amount, compared to the numbers with units otherwise occurring in nature. If you have a look at the earthquake statistics in this period January – June 2018, there is not really a connection to it . In the Balkans, strengths above 3 on the Richter scale were determined only 19 times. The extreme increase in negative ions must therefore have had another cause at that time.

From July 2018, the values I measured showed again a connection to quakes greater than 3.  On 05.07.2018 I was able to detect over 150,000 neg ions at K2 during the night. The quake occurred with 3.9 a few hours later in Montenegro. So as you can see a lot that raises interesting questions.

Dr. Sam Osmanagić and his team will investigate this topic in more detail with me in the near future. We will inform you about the results. If anyone can contribute to this story, please feel free to write to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Speaking of earthquakes in tunnels

During my many hundreds of hours every year in the underground labyrinth, I have also witnessed an earthquake during my stay in the tunnel. While it was shaking  outside according to the statements of the people in the lodge, when even a souvenir stand fell over, our group didn’t noticed anything inside the tunnel. Not even a single stone fell from the ceiling there.

One explanation for this seems to be the so-called Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz, which prevails in the gears. The fact that this frequency can be measured here is another mystery, similar to the negative ions, oxygen levels,  ultrasound and many other aspects.

There was also an interesting situation in 2015. During a nightly session in the tunnel, most of the group felt a distinct tremor under their feet. However, an earthquake in the region did not take place - but at that time a severe earthquake in Nepal occurred with several thousand deaths. However, I cannot say to what extent this is related.


Stefan Paul Gruschwitz

State-approved building biologist and measurement technician (IBN)

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