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Dogmatic Science - the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids. 
The Opposition to New Discoveries in Prehistory and the Prerequisites for Building Huge Structures in Prehistoric Times.
by Dr. rer. nat. Eberhard Baumann

Science is progressing all the time but after some time the foremost researchers in any field tend to believe they know now every aspect of their particular science. No new discoveries can be made here, a solid edifice of knowledge has been erected, change is now unnecessary and unwanted. With this attitude, science becomes stagnant and turns into dogma.

This has happened many times in archeology and prehistory and, of course, many other sciences.

The main problem for archeology today is that they consider the population of Europe from the Aurignacien onward for the next 20.000 or even 30.000 years as primitive using a crudely hewn pebble as a tool to smash each other’s head. This view is based on the material artifacts that have come down to us today. Other remnants are not much considered and understood, like writings on stone and bone which were mostly sacred symbols.

With a deeper understanding we could see that the population of Europe and/or Eurasia was still homogeneous, not yet split up in many different peoples and tribes, Homo sapiens as the Cro Magnon-man. The men were hunters or herdsmen, the women were culturing the soil with the hoe and collecting seeds and fruits. Judging from their artifacts with religious or spiritual connotation, they were highly evolved human beings, real homo sapiens, living very much in tune with nature, embedded in a cosmic monotheistic frame. Yet it is presently inconceivable that they should have been the people who set up the system of pyramids and tunnels and perhaps many more structures in Bosnia which we have not found yet.

If we want to avoid approaches the likes of Erich Däniken then we have to find better or more correct and convincing explantions. Personally I think Däniken is very right in many aspects, but for the project of the Bosnian pyramids we need approaches which are digestible and acceptable to the scientific community and the public at large. The more so if we consider how much opposition has come up already against such solid and unprecedented research as done here under the guidance of Dr.Osmanagich.

That opposition comes up because the pyramids in Bosnia with an age of over 30.000 years will overthrow our total ‘modern’ world view based on the arrogant thought that today’s mankind is at the top of its evolution. As a biologist I have to believe in Darwinism, as a medical doctor I have to believe in Mendelian genetics of e.g. diseases, as a physicist I have to believe in Einsteins’s Theories of relativity. If I don’t because I know all these doctrines are wrong, then I shall be ridiculed, out-lawed and excommunicated, I shall lose my job.

I want to give you a few striking examples of such dogmas and verdicts in prehistoric sciences by the leading scientists of their field and time:

In 1856 some bones were found in the Neandertal near Düsseldorf in Germany. Some researchers considered them old, prehistoric, old stone-age. The leading authority in this field was the pathologist Rudolf Virchow who was opposing all of Darwin’s theory of evolution. He brusquely opposed the idea of a stone-age man to be found in Germany, and by the power of his authority he arrested all progress in evolutionary biology in Germany for the next almost 50 years.

Another example:
In 1880 the Internat’l congress for Anthropology and Prehistoric Archeology was held in Lissabon. A certain Don Marcelino de Sautuola had discovered a cave on his property named ‘Altamira’ in which he found obviously antique, prehistoric wall-paintings, murals. He had a painter copy some of the scenes and presented these copies to the learned Int’l Congress in Lissabon with the intention to invite the learned professors to visit the cave and see for themselves. However, the consolidated opinion of the representatives of established archeology refused unanimously the visit of the cave and even the show of the pictures. Although one professor of geology from Madrid, Vilanova, supported Sautuola, Sautuola was called a cheat and a fraud and was yelled out of the assembly.

Whereas Virchow stuck up to his death to his wrong ideas about the Neandertal man, a French prehistorian, Carthailhac, who too had condemned Sautuola in Lissabon, later realized his mistake and asked his pardon and publicly admitted his mistake.

Another example:
A Dutch-German researcher, Herman Wirth, comes across obviously old symbols on Frisian farmhouses in the Netherlands but nobody can explain to him the meaning and significance of these symbols. So he himself starts researching symbols, first in the Netherlands, then in all of Europe, then of the whole world. He finds their common source and after ten years of keenest and hardest research work publishes a first summary of his results in a quarto volume of nearly 800 pages in small print in 1928. It leads to two out-cries: One from an exhilarated general public saying: „Finally someone understands the human cultural evolution over the last 40.000 years! It makes so much sense!“, and one from the specialists and academic chair holders of archeology, cultural history, linguistics, germanistics, folklore, comparative religion, egyptology, assyriology, prehistoric sociology and some other fields. All of them felt they were caught red-handed having overlooked so many basic facts in their own fields, so many cross-connections within their individual fields and many more between these many very different fields of research.

And now a Prof. Wirth as an outsider has found all of that - this is a shame, it is intolerable, it cannot be accepted! So again unanimously Wirth was condemned like Sautuola in Lissabon, his few supporters were silenced by the same threat that was uttered recently by the European Association of Archeologists against the supporters of the Bosnian pyramids: „You will lose your job.“ In the 30ies during the Third Reich, Wirth lost his chair at the University of Berlin, lost his library, was house-arrested, was forbidden public talks and publication of his research findings. It culminated in the sentence: „If Wirth gets a Chair, the epidemic could not be contained.“ So scared were the established professors of this outsider with his revolutionary findings.

In addition, his most serious ‘crime’ were findings and conclusions from his research which proved the most important dogma of Western science wrong, i.e. „ex oriente lux“, ‘the light of wisdom and higher knowledge had come from the East’, whereas it did come from the North - „ex boreale lux“. This realization could liberate the West from the religious, philosophical and materialistic thinking of the Orient which, of course, must not happen

I have researched this particular case of Prof. Herman Wirth and in the end found written proof of a real conspiracy of each and every professor and their assistants in archeology and prehistory in Germany, a shame to the profession, to science at large and to Germany as a whole. To this day, Wirth is banned in Germany, many of his precious manuscripts have never been printed and published, he must not be quoted, but those who know the treasures hidden in his works, exploit those works for their own end without quoting the source. In fact, these days Wirth is better known in Russia than in Germany.

The verdict on Wirth was even fiercer in the times of the 3rd Reich with all its dominance of male organisations like the SS, the SA and the military because he postulated a prehistoric society as a ‘cultic matriarchat’ in which the highly evolved and mostly enlightened women were leading the people without political or other force, but by love and wisdom.1,2

And the verdict of the European Association of Archeologists works in today’s Germany: When Dr. Osmanagich with his colleagues in February opened their one-day conference on the Bosnian Pyramids in Frankfurt, not a single archeologist attended!

I could continue giving examples of researchers and researches or discoveries being ridiculed, suppressed, banned and finally forgotten in Germany and in many other countries. There are thick books about such suppressed artifacts, e.g. „Forbidden Archeology“, artifacts which we must not see and know about. There are also no news about the skeletons of giants found long ago in France, now found in India, in China, in Brazil, human skeletons 6 m, 10 m and more tall, sensational news, but they are not made news. They would overthrow existing dogmas.

The anthropological dogma says there cannot be such giant man. With that logic, they have to suppress all news about giant men with thigh bones 1,70 m long and they have to destroy the foot-prints of humans dating back 130 million years or, in another case, 400 million years, contemporaries of the sauriers with the saurier’s foot-prints along the human foot-prints. This must not be true, humans are a maximum of 2 million years old, Homo sapiens even much younger!

We see the pattern already: Narrow minds who have found some small area of research in which they could excell and by which they could attain a certain level of social recognition, of scientific fame, of income, of power. Deep inside they may well know that they are small and vulnerable, so they are always on the defence or aggressive. They pretend or they really think they are at the top of knowledge and experience in their narrow field of science, that they are the leading authority, but they never consider who is the one who thinks and where his own thoughts are coming from. With this arrogance and ignorance about themselves they then judge the discoveries of others, of competitors.

We all think or are at least made to think that we have progressed so much, we are on the top of human evolution now. Technically that may be correct, but mentally and spiritually we are close to the bottom of human de-volution with all our destruction of Nature, our greeds, our diseases, or crimes, our constant wars, our superficiality in every aspect of life. Individually we may well know that all of this is a sign of mental and spiritual poverty, but we don’t see the way out, and - our overlords behind the scenes want to keep us there so that we cannot realize that we are prisoners and brain-washed and 100% manipulated slaves. In reality, we have lost our divine status and have become worms.

With that worm-consciousness we cannot answer a number of questions on the Bosnian pyramids and Bosnian prehistory at large which come up anywhere anytime and which are of highest importance in the future research around this complex.

We have to consider some questions like:
1. Who were the people to set up the pyramids in this valley of Visoko?
2. Who has placed the stone spheres over this country and for what purpose?
3. Who has built the cyclopic walls or temples and villages in Bosnia?
4. Most important and basic: where did the knowledge for all this come from?

The answer to this by our present scientists is: We don’t know. Or, because this answer makes the ‘scientists’ feel uneasy: There are no such pyramids.

But they are there and anyone can see them.

Now I shall present to you new considerations and new methods which even you here as confirmed open minds may not accept easily - what to say then of the so-called normal and dogmatic scientists.
So from where came the knowledge to build the pyramids?

The real answer is simple but not easily understandable and acceptable: Knowledge is structured in consciousness.

It is not easily acceptable because it is beyond reasoning and understanding, it is a question of experiencing it in yourself as the inner Self.

We are used to experience the changing, the body, the manifest, thoughts and feelings, but when we look inside us with eyes closed - there is nothing, there is space. You may say there are thoughts, yes, you have become conscious of a thought, or of an outer noise, some perception, some physical sensation. You are always conscious OF something, your consciousness is tinged, coloured, it is not pure, it is not consciousness by itself.

Thoughts can be very clear, in the foreground. Just observe - subtler, less active. Then become still - there are again levels of much quieter thoughts, like intuition only, not clear and manifest yet, go beyound even these thoughts, or just look at the thoughts - they are gone. Space remains, emptiness, consciousness by itself, pure Consciousness without movement, without beginning and end, eternity, infinity.

In modern neurophysiology and psychology we know of three distinct states of consciousness:

Mind awake        Mind dull

Body active        Waking Consciousness        Dream Consciousness

Body resting       ?                                   ­   Sleep Consciousness

We all know these three classic states of consciousness. And we all know our life is not complete, there should be more to it, I am more than this limited life, something is missing, some happiness, some satisfaction, some good ideas to get out of the misery, a way to avoid mistakes etc. We cannot create the right thoughts or ideas intentionally, they just happen, and then very often we don’t have enough energy to put our spontaneous ideas into action. Why?

We do not use our innate mental capacity fully, in fact, we are wasting 90% of our capacity or more. Repeated research by very different means has shown that the average man today uses a mere 5-10% of his mental capacity. Neurophysiologists tell us that we are using even only 0,1% of the possible connectivity in our brain. Nevertheless, the brain and mind are meant to function fully, nature does not waste. It is due to stress and accumulated toxins in the brain and the body as a whole that we are so limited when we are meant to be god-like.

By procedures like meditations, pranayamas, Sudarshan Kriya or yoga you can train your mind to become still and pure and remain still for a longer and longer time. When one gets used to that still level of consciousness, one can observe the creation and development of a thought in its pure and undisturbed state, a thought full of energy and creativity, with all the knowledge in the universe. It takes time to get to that state of pure consciousness as a permanent state, but is is possible and it has been possible throughout human history. People living in that state are the enlightened ones, the seers of truth, the knowers of their self as the cosmic Self, the saints. They could see the totality of nature and of knowledge and they could pronouce aloud their inner vision in that pure and infinite consciousness and make it applicable in daily life. The state of pure consciousness is understood in modern theoretical physics as the ‘unified field’.

Mind awake        Mind dull

Body active        Waking Consciousness       Dream Consciousness

Body resting      Samadhi, Sartori, Turiya    Sleep Consciousness 

I have had the good fortune of meeting a few such highly developed souls in my life and see them function in the world, so I am not talking theory or imagination here. There are such individuals today and there have always been such individuals in the past.

The knowledge which these seers experienced in themselves was collected first in oral tradition, later it was written down on e.g. palm-leaves. There is a vast body of such knowledge for all aspects of life, be it physical and mental health, cosmology, law, warfare, economics, sociology, personal development, agriculture, all areas of art, science, mathematics, aeronautics and many more, and among them also construction. Claims are that this knowledge is 200.000 years old - yes, I know, anthropologist will now jump up making angry claims about the primitivity of man 20.000 years ago, let alone 200.000 years ago. But the facts remain albeit the dogmas.

This whole huge and ancient body of knowledge is called „Veda“ which means ‘knowledge’. It is best preserved in India in the memory of the Vedic pundits, today also printed in books. The translations before us have been prepared by Western scholars, esp. in Oxford, also with the intention of ridiculing these texts and breaking the mental and spiritual opposition in India to the British colonial rule, disconnecting them from their roots so that they could be managed by materialistic Western occupants.

I shall give you some examples of the outstanding knowledge preserved in the Vedas:

The atom was a known feature in the Vedas, clearly described similar to what we understand today as Niels Bohr’s model of the atom with a nucleus in the centre and electrons spinning around it.

Likewise, the cosmos was understood as an evolving and on-going process. The Vedas say that there was sunya or vacuum to start with, then akasha or gas evolved; gases combined to give fire from which water, the elements of the earth etc. evolved. One can draw a rather precise parallel to the Big Bang theory here.

The three basic forces in all creation or Trigunas were also seen by those Vedic seers or rishis, namely rajas - creation operator of modern theoretical physics, sattva - maintenance operator, tamas - destruction operator, and the five basic constituents of all creation, the panchabhutas, were found by the rishis as well, namely akasha = ether or space, vayu - air, tejas - fire, apah - water, prthvi - earth. The interaction between these panchabhutas brings forth matter and the whole manifest universe.

If one looks at the Dashavathara, it has a close resemblance to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

When the Americans under the leadership of Wernher von Braun and his team prepared to fly to the moon (which they never did), they had to find a lot of new materials and alloys, for the rockets, the burning-chamber, the heat-shield, the exhaust, the flaps etc. Huge research was started esp. in metallurgy. When it was more or less complete, an Indian researcher at NASA presented a Sanskrit manuskript from around 1200 A.D. which listed, among others, about 24 alloys needed for the different parts of a rocket for space-travels like burning-chamber, exhaust, flaps, heat-shield etc. NASA analysed these alloys and identified 11 of them and found that they were exactly the same alloys for exactly the same purposes that the NASA scientists had developed over the last few years.

The knowledge to build such rockets was there at least in the year 1200 A.D., but the contents of the manuscript were, of course, much older.

Like that we can go on and on.
All the knowledge of all branches of science were already there and will always be there because they are not written in books and not found in laboratories but they are structured in consciousness and are discovered in your Self. Whoever has access to that pure consciousness, can find any piece of knowledge for any aspect of life.

With that in mind, it becomes more easily acceptable that the Vedic epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata mention flying vehicles, so-called vimanas. These epics are in reality the truthfully recorded history of their time, i.e. 8000 and 5000 years ago, respectively. By the descriptions given there, the Vimanas were space-ships and rockets and terrible weapons. The knowledge to build and fly such objects was there, with all the chemistry, physics, metallurgy, navigation, mathematics etc. In the Ramayana we find, too, the first and only historic record of building a megalithic structure: Rama’s bridge from India mainland to Lanka which is still visible today even though most of it is now submerged.

Dr.Osmanagich in one of his earlier lectures speaks of the ‘advanced engineering knowledge’ of his pyramid builders - but where did that knowledge come from?

If the rishis of yore were able to see and describe intelligently the process of the creation from a Big Bang to manifested matter and a huge cosmos with millions of galaxies and back to the dissolution of the universe and again into a new creation, from eternity to eternity, should they not have been able to find the mathematics, chemistry, statics, masses of materials and number of man-hours needed to build a Pyramid of the Sun? On the contrary: It would have been a rather small job for people with such expanded consciousnesses.

At this juncture, you may say: the Rishis were far away, in India, how then to build a pyramid in Bosnia?

To answer this question, I shall propose another consideration which again may be aggressively opposed by sciences and churches alike, perhaps even by this otherwise open-minded assembly.

Our forefathers all over Europe including Bosnia and probably in most of the Northern Hemisphere lived in higher states of consciousness, lived with knowledge. They were much more advanced than we are today contrary to our arrogant belief that we at present are the crown of creation. I repeat: We have sunk down to the level of worms in knowledge and spirituality, in ethics and morale, in mental and physical health compared to our present-day status.

We are proud of our technical achievements, but we cannot even handle our emotions. We destroy nature by our greed and shortsightedness. We need television and telephone because we have lost our innate capacity to see anything anywhere with closed eyes just in our inner awareness and to hear anything over any distance. Since many years in my public lectures I ridicule the people who need the telephone, today it is even mobile, to call their aunt Mildred in Australia and say hello. For the same purpose our forefathers did not need such a ridiculous device which to produce destroys the earth and in using it boils our brains. They would just close their eyes and tune in with Auntie Mildred in Australia and notice: „Oh, she is talking to someone else at this moment, let me call her again in half an hour.“

A few days ago Dr.Osmanagich mentioned the stone spheres in Bosnia many of which are made of granite and are perfectly round; how could that be achieved by copper tools 10.000 years ago? It was probably easy: The sculptures on the Externesteine in Germany dating back around 10.000 years were made with the use of steel chisels as any experienced stone mason will immediately see. So steel was available, too.

This was the time of a Vedic culture and population in Europe. It means, too, that people lived with expanded consciousness and could tap into the pool of all knowledge fully or at least to some extent on an individual basis, and complete knowledge found or seen by the rishis or seers and was made available in daily life.

This culture continued to shine long after its decay and disappearance, it was remembered by the ancient writers as the ‘Golden Age’, when knowledge, peace, prosperity and health prevailed. And authors like Hesiod lament over the downfall of humanity into an Iron Age, cold and agressive and without Gods.

With the knowledge of a Golden Age, you can build pyramids, you can heal all diseases, you can explore the whole universe or the atom, you can create the finest music or use the energies of nature without any destruction, you can fly through the air and you can call Auntie in Australia. Vedic culture means living in tune with nature, hearing the word of the Divine or of Nature, following the rules/laws of Nature.

We have ample proof of such a time of a Vedic culture in Europe, but is must not be true and no research into this field must be done.

The core of the Vedic knowledge is contained in the four Vedas, Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva. When the decline of consciousness accelerated around 5.000 - 7.000 years ago, it seems that the four Vedas were given to four different peoples in Europe for preservation because no single people could preserve all four of them any more. These four countries or regions in their time were Rigveda for Norway (or Scandinavia at large), Samaveda to Baltic countries like Samland and Suomi = Finland, Atharvaveda to the British Isles, Yajurveda probably to Central Europe, Germany. Traces of the respective Vedas can still be found in these regions.

We don’t acknowledge this even though linguistics tell us since almost 200 years that all European languages and many others outside Europe are based on Sanskrit, the Vedic language. Language carries culture. As a Sanskrit scholar from India told me 30 years ago, the German language still carries 60% of the quality of Sanskrit. The Lithuanian language may carry even more. Language carries culture, so if some European languages are still so close to Sanskrit, it indicates we have not moved too far away from that culture of knowledge and expanded consciousness.

Knowledge is structured in consciousness, and with unfolded consciousness or by being closer to one’s self, one can know everything. One can build a pyramid at any time and in any place. I have no information about a Vedic culture in Bosnia, but if Bosnia was chosen for this purpose of a pyramid, it must have had such a culture which alone can provide the knowledge needed for its construction. We don’t depend on Gods from other galaxies to come here and do the job, we can do it ourselves - provided we have the expanded consciousness and thereof the knowledge.

Along with the unfoldment of consciousness and knowledge, other mental and physical faculties come alive. Some I have mentioned already like tele-vision and tele-phone, far-seeing and far-hearing. We may all remember the movie ‘Superman’ where the hero could do almost everything from fast-moving via flying to lifting huge weights. In the movie all of this was, of course, trick filming, but all these feats can be real for everyone who has that expanded consciousness.

I shall give you only one example of physical strength: Many years ago, a rather old and skinny yogi and spiritual teacher from India, Sri Chinmoy, did a number of miraculous things. One of them was weight-lifting. When the world-champion in the heavy-weight class managed to lift for a few seconds around 750 kgs, Sri Chinmoy decided to beat him. A special scaffolding or stand was set up to hold a steel bar on which were hung 7.000 kgs, 7 tons! Then Sri Chinmoy stepped under the steel bar and lifted the whole lot up and then put it back again. One skinny thin old man did this!

With this in mind, I remember what Dr.Osmanagich told in one of his public lectures: He had told the audience about the huge stone plates covering the Pyramid of the Sun, 2x6 m and 1/2 m thick weighing 24 tons. Rhethorically he asked the audience: „How can we lift such a stone slab when each of us can lift only 50 kg? We need 500 people.“ One listener not understanding the rhethoric tone in the question proposed: „200 people each on the long sides and 50 each on the narrow sides.“

With the mental techniques or siddhis available in the Vedic knowledge, I would have given a different answer: „Alright, Semir, you take that side, I take this side, close your eyes, go deep into yourself where you are the space, I myself shall do the same, and then let us both be in the stone slab on its space.“ Pause. Then: „Now lift the stone slab and carry it to its proper place. Put it down slowly, hm, slooooowww-ly, a little higher up and more to the left, yes, that’s it. Put the stone down. Job done. Let us move the next stone.“

Building a pyramid like in Bosnia or on the Gizeh plateau is a simple thing: You need an enlightened architect and mathematician, a few enlightened specialists of a number of other fields, and an enlightened work-force, that’s all. But unfortunately that is all missing today, we are labouring hard with huge machinery exhausting the resources of nature and spoiling nature with our waste, and after 50 years our buildings collapse anyway. Age of ignorance - that’s where we are. Out of thickest ignorance the ‘authorities’ in the different fields of science will not be able to see the truth, they are disconnected from our glorious past and have no idea about the future.

Professors at large, architects, engineers, medical doctors, archeologists and laywers - excluding the ones present here - are all linear thinkers using mainly their left brain. They cannot see and don’t want to see what we all see here in front of us: A complex of pyramids, tumuli, tunnels, spheres, cyclopic walls and whatever else is still hidden in the earth. We urgently need to expand our consciousness to throw open the field of all knowledge in us. We all have it, and Nature provided it for daily use.

We have to dig a tunnel of solid and broad-based research through a mountain of ignorance, desinformation, prejudice, jealousy and opposition, and there is bright light waiting to shine on us at the end of the tunnel.

As early as 100 years ago, we have been invited by Swami Vivekananda to explore this inner realm and the outer realm of the vast Vedic literature based on an expanded consciousness, when he said something like:

„Arise, arise and rest thee not until the goal is reached.“

To dig that tunnel into the inner and the outer is our individual and collective duty, and the research initiated here by Dr. Osmanagich and followed by researchers from around the world can break that mountain of dogmas, of ignorance and ill-will which arrests research and cuts us off from our glorious past. We stand a good chance of winning and of establishing a nwe paradigm in science and in our life at large.

The stones have started to speak - but we have to revive our ability to listen.

Baumann, E.: Der Aufgang und Untergang der frühen Hochkulturen in Nord- und Mitteleuropa als Ausdruck umfassender oder geringer Selbstverwirklichung (oder Bewußtseinsentfaltung) dargestellt am Beispiel des Erforschers der Symbolgeschichte Prof. Dr. Herman F. Wirth. – Herborn-Schönbach 1990, 67 pp.
Baumann, E.: Verzeichnis der Schriften, Manuskripte und Vorträge von Herman Felix Wirth Roeper Bosch – von 1908 bis 1993 sowie der Schriften für, gegen, zu und über die Person und das Werk von Herman Wirth von 1908 bis 1995. Toppenstedt 1995, 369 pp., Abb.



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