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Dr. Zahi Hawass, Fake Chamber Scandal

Dr. Zahi Hawass could be in trouble again, evidence has emerged that he has been lying to the Egyptian Public, and the world!

Dr. Zahi Hawass could be in trouble yet again, as evidence has emerged that he has been lying to the Egyptian Public, and the world! What will happen when this gets out?

“Zahi Hawass” Egyptian Minister of Antiquities.

Only days after being sentenced to a year’s jail sentence, former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities “Zahi Hawass” could be in trouble yet again, evidence has emerged that he may have staged a false project, live on T.V. to fool the people of Egypt, and the world!

In 2002 a robot was sent to explore a shaft within the Great Pyramid, it was aired on the National Geographic Channel on September the 17th. Millions of viewers watched as the robot entered the shaft, at the end of which was a mysterious door, with two protruding copper handles (pictures below).

The robot which was aptly named The Robot Explorer, and was built at the University of Leeds, England, was to work its way through the shaft, via soft brace pads that grip the walls, much like the technique that rock climbers use for ascending chimneys, The robot had a fibre optic camera to navigate and film its journey through the shaft. Once it reached the end of the shaft, it was assigned the job of drilling a small hole through the door that sealed the chamber, literally giving it means to poke its fibre optic camera through the hole, and view what lies beyond.

So whats so controversial about this you may ask? Well it appears that Zahi Hawass may have deceived us all, pictures taken of the chamber show something out of the ordinary, at first glance it is’nt all that apparent, upon second glance something suddenly does’nt look quite right.

Like a game of “Spot the Difference” your eyes soon pick up the problem, or “problems” so to speak, there are numerous photos, and videos of the shaft before and after the robot was deployed.

Now the problem is, if you take a photo of the shaft before the robot was deployed, and a photo whilst the robot is being deployed, you’ll see that something is’nt quite right. The shaft has seemed to have taken on a surprisingly different quality. The walls appear smoother, the door is a different shape, and the copper handles are nothing like the ones shown in the previous photograph.

Below is some pictures, see for yourself.

Photo 1. Before the robot was deployed, notice the rough textured walls, and the elongated copper handles.

Photo 2. Whilst the robot is deployed, notice the smooth walls and the short, stumpy copper handles.

It appears that there is’nt just one shaft, there is in fact two shafts, one original, and a second counterfeit shaft.

So the original shaft was filmed prior to the robot being deployed, then with a switch of the cameras, the second and fake shaft was filmed whilst the robot was sent in to drill.

But why would that be the case? what would that achieve?

Well its a slight of hand trick, the old swap the card while the eye is’nt looking game, Zahi Hawass had us believe that the chamber was going to be drilled, and its secrets would be revealed, live on t.v., before the world. When in actually fact he used a fake chamber, a fake door, which was drilled, revealing nothing but a coarse slab, fooling the world into believing that nothing of any interest lay behind the mysterious door, thus keeping the original and real chamber for himself, and also the secrets that lay beyond it.

Photo 3. The coarse slab that lay beyond the fake chamber.

Now just to show and highlight the inconsistencies of the chambers when under scrutiny, i have posted a photo pointing out the differences for you, for those who could’nt see them before, you can not really miss them now.

Photo 3. The Inconsistencies are apparent.

So surely this is evidence of a conspiracy? Proof that the real truth has been kept and hidden from us?

Surely the people of Egypt deserve to know the truth of their heritage?

Surely the people of the World deserve to know the truth of our past?

Why is Zahi Hawass lying to us? what is he keeping from us all?

Are we going to let Mr Hawass get away with his lies and deception?

What really was discovered beyond that mysterious door in the shaft?

Why had a duplicate tunnel been made, and introduced to the world under the guise of the original tunnel in the Great Pyramid?

How many other secrets of the pyramid’s have been kept from the world?

Why are’nt we allowed to know the truth?

What are the people of Egypt going to do about this?

What are we, the people of the world going to do about this?

How many more lies?

When is enough enough?

We’ve been lied to for far too long, NOW is the time to find out the real TRUTH, Now is the time to find out about our real past, lets take back what is ours!. We owe it to the Egyptian people, and we owe it to the entire human race! Mr Hawass needs to be held accountable for his lies!.


Read more: http://newsflavor.com/world/middle-east/dr-zahi-hawass-fake-chamber-scandal/#ixzz1K99AOm5E
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