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On Sathurday, the 5th of March, of this year, the conference about the pyramids was held in the American town Houston, where Andrew Collins, Chris Dunn and Dr. Semir Osmanagić spoke.

Beside that, the conference "Researchers that have forever changed the world of pyramids" was held in a excellent organization of the company World Wide Search, in the German towns Frankfurt and Munich, from 18th to 20th of February.

The lecturers were Graham Hancock from Great Britain, Dr. Joseph Davidovits from France, Chris Dunn from USA and Dr. Semir Osmanagić from Bosnia and Herzegovina, professor of anthropology at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina (AUBiH).

Graham Hancock is the most popular and world best-selling author from the field of ancient civilizations, cited in the announcement of fondation "Archeological Park: Bosnian pyramid of the sun"http://www.piramidasunca.ba/. Archaeoastronomic aspect of building of Egyptian pyramids, underwater towns, towns in Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean are only the part of his researches which moved the history of developed civilizations in the period before the end of last Ice Age.

Dr. Joseph Davidovits has proofed by experiment that generations of Egyptologists were wrong by proofing that blocks of pyramids placed on the plate of Giza, were built with molded material. Chris Dunn has proofed by engineering analysis of Keops pyramid that it is about the energetic machine and that the builders of the Kolossal statues in Egypt had access to Laser Machine Technology.

Dr. Semir Osmanagić has brought a new dynamic in the research of the pyramids phenomena in the world by revealing of Bosnian pyramids and he became one of the leading world experts in this field by analysis of the pyramids in Mauritius , Canary, China , Honduras, Peru, Guatemala and other countries.

There is a basic agreement about holding of these very important conferences in other towns in Europe where the following books will be presented: “Giza Power Plant” (Chris Dunn), "Pyramids around the World" (Semir Osmanagić),"Why the Pharaox’s Built the Pyramids with Fake Stones" (Joseph Davidovits) and "Haven’s Mirror" (Graham Hancock).

Also, there will be the visits of world experts to Bosnian valley of pyramids in Visoko, such as:

  • Dr. Joseph Davidovits, 24-26. March, 2011.
  • Graham Hancock, 20-24. June, 2011.


From a statement by the Foundation "Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun" from Visoko.

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Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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