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The following is the brief geological analysis of one of the trenches on Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon done by the geology student who volunteered this summer in Visoko. Very smart….



Yellow arrow points to the lowest sonda on the Moon, blue arrow ipoints to sonda 20 , sonda 18 is 10m or so directly below 20, sonda 8 is around the other side of the pyramid and is the red arrow.

Sonda 8




At sonda 8 the slabs are made from a calcite rich material containing quartz, similar to many of the other slabs found on the Moon.

The material is homogenous throughout with no laminations or cross bedding.

The only sedimentary structure found within the slabs are the ripples on the upper surface and there are no fossils.

The slabs themselves dip inwards towards the centre of the pyramid and we see that the shape and size varies from slab to slab, while maintaining continuous rows.

Between the slabs is a mortar like material composed primarily of calcite and is much softer than the slabs.Whereas on most of sonda 8 the mortar can be seen to have been weathered out between the slabs, here it is not....


The mortar material comes up and over the edges of the slabs.

When this Pyramid was constructed I believe this terrace was never meant to be exposed or a surface to walk on and the clay layers above it are part of the construction.We can see how quickly the mortar has eroded out from between most of the slabs since they were exposed after 2005.If this was supposed to be an exposed surface a more weather resistant material would have needed to be used.

Also, if it were a surface meant for walking on wouldn’t it be more likely to have been made flat?Instead, the purpose of this dip may have been so that any water that is intercepted by this layer would be channeled down the route of least resistivity i.e. following the dip of the slabs, towards the centre of the pyramid.







Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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