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Where does the resistance develop, when someone is trying to establish different views about the past, with no regard to the facts?


A Missed opportunity to confront the proponent's arguments

Where does the resistance develop, when someone is trying to establish different views about the past, with no regard to the facts?

It is unbelievable! In the 21st century, in a European country and city that played host to the Olympic games-a city that was tolerant to everything, worth preserving for natural wealth and beauty-a group of professors, repeating a group of professors, are fighting to prevent the presentation of a three-year archaeological project for the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids by signing petitions.

As if someone has no right to think differently!

Thinking Differently

It is worth mentioning them by name:  Professor Galib Sirajic, Professor Sejfudin Vrabac (the head of the geological faculty of the University of Tuzla), Pr./Dr.Ramo Kurtanovic

( Geology Institute, FB&H ), Pr. Nenad Tanovic, PMF, professor Anthony Harding, the president of the European Archaeological Association, and Pr. Mensur Omerbasic, the vice-president of IO for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Throughout the history, the world has recorded many dramatic events and only because it started with the question "I don't know if the God really exist or not".  Two and a half thousand years ago, all the works of the Greek philosopher Protagore were burned; the first emperor of the Chinese dynasty Cin, burnt all the works of Confucius in the third century. After burning the libraries in Alexandria, Julius Caesar destroyed literally druid writings in Galia; the books ended up being burned in Pergamo, Carigrad, imperial Russia and in Germany not only the works of the Jewish were destroyed but also including the works of other prominent writers such as Heinrich Man, Theodore, Karl Cukmajer including the German Nobel Prize writer Fon Ocicki.

Everybody who had different opinions at the time met no mercy by their opponents. Jordan Bruno was not unfortunately the only victim. The history has also recorded the cultures of Americas that they were subjected to. One chronic says that the Spaniards were followed by the priests who were on the city squares burnt ancient writings and photos at the stake. It's been recorded that the first archbishop in Mexico Don Juan de Sumaraga burned dozens of thousands of priceless ancient historical writings.

In this vicious campaign the archbishop was accompanied by his priests destroying everything except the three ancient writings, which are the only things left of the ancient Mayas. These writings are preserved today in France, Germany, and Spain. At the period of time when the ancient Incas were going through contagious diseases, they turned to their priests and asked for their advice. Their priests had advised that they should abolish education. Unfortunately, the history of our mankind is full of similar episodes but there are very few incidents, where the most educated people would prevent the freedom of speech.

The freedom of speech was forbidden at the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, where the foundation was scheduled to hold a video presentation on the multidisciplinary research of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids which was scheduled on January 29th. The Foundation had many similar presentations in the past which were very successful. The petitions of certain professors did not stop the Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation from holding such events.  

From USA to Jordan


Many professors and students from around the globe had an opportunity to hear about the Foundation's multidisciplinary project, conducted in the past three years (USA, Canada, Egypt, UK, Jordan, Malaysia, Croatia, Serbia, Monte Negro, Switzerland, etc). However, it never occurred to anyone to write petitions in order to forbid the presentation on the discovery of the pyramids in the heart of Bosnia.

The announcement of the video presentation at the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics was an event where all the professors and students who have different opinions could argue with all the evidence the Foundation gathered in the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids in the past three years.

However, the aforementioned professors from Sarajevo, prefer to write the petitions instead of having open discussion in front of young students facing the future.

Executive Director
Archeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation


Daily Avaz Reports

The Acknowledgment to Osmanagic

The "Golden Crown" to the Pyramid Project

BiH president of the hotel and restaurant association, Amir Hadzic, gave a golden crown in recognition of extending his hospitality to the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Semir Osmanagic accepted the award on behalf of the Foundation.


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