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Beloveds Friends and Family of Circle of Sound,

You have received notice of and invitation to the Fourth World Gathering of Circle of Sound in Russia for the September Equinox.  It will be fantastic and I hope to see you there. Now I share with you news of another outstanding event.

I cordially invite you…

…to share the week of the June Summer Solstice at the Essene Energy Gathering with Circle of Sound at the Bosnian Pyramids.



In 2005 “Dr. Sam” Osmanagich discovered the first pyramids on the European continent in Bosnia-Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia). His lifelong passion for and studies of archeology and ancient sites leads him to consider that these are the biggest and oldest pyramids, as yet discovered, on the planet. And the archeological dig going on at the site, all supervised by Dr. Sam, is the one of the largest and most active on Earth today. Dr. Sam’s enthusiasm about what we can learn from these amazing structures is what attracts us to them for this Solstice week.


We have named it an Essene Energy Gathering because we intend to call forth the Energy of the Essene Brotherhood to accompany us and guide us and help us discover all that we can from these structures. The Essenes were wisdom gatherers while they walked the Earth, 2000 to 3000 years ago, and maybe longer. They gave us the Dead Sea Scrolls, knowledge they had gathered over the centuries before the time of Jesus on Earth. They were devoted to doing all they could for the benefit of Mankind. Their essence is available to us for the calling. And we will call it forth to help us understand all the knowledge that these pyramids, chambers and underground tunnels hold for us.


We call forth all those humans now walking on the planet who feel the Oneness with the Essenes. Many are now reincarnated, to walk through these powerful times and to assist in raising the Vibration of the Whole. This will be a world gathering of present day Essenes. We will share our remembrances. We will share the Teachings of the Essenes during the week we are together, the morning and evening Communions with the Terrestrial and the Heavenly Angels. We will carry the Essene energy with us all week.


All during the week we will perform ceremonies with conscious intentions. Each ceremony will be empowered by the sounds of the crystal singing bowls. Members of Circle of Sound, a world-wide family of crystal bowl players, from around the planet are invited to come and add their bowls to the activities. These wonderful instruments for the Age of Aquarius will be with us to amplify the intentions we express all week.


For example, the intention to confirm and understand the possibility of an on-going energy devise within the pyramid which may be the source of the energy beam shooting out of the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.


For example, the intention to reveal the healing potentials of the underground chambers, where measurements have shown there is the lowest radiation levels ever found = zero.


The crystal bowls will sound and amplify the five intentions of the Global Harmonization Ceremony on Solstice Day, a ceremony held world-wide every Solstice and Equinox since 2005, the same year Dr. Sam discovered the Bosnian ancient site.


It is Divine Time for the work of Dr. Sam and the work of Circle of Sound to come together to begin the process of revealing the wisdom and secrets that have been hidden, along with these structures, for thousands of years.


Perhaps the Essenes knew the secrets of this powerful site! They will surely assist us.


Author and well respected speaker and motivator Peggy Sue Skipper, who has such a talent and passion to bring the right people together for worthwhile causes, has made this once in a lifetime event available to us. She is making sure that all our needs will be met in safe and comfortable fashion. The whole week in a five-star hotel in Sarajevo, breakfast and dinner every day, land travel to the sites, a private tour through the pyramids and structures by Dr. Sam, daily crystal bowl ceremonies all in respect to the Teachings of the Essenes for only US$999 (a powerful number of completion before a new beginning).


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work together and alongside our ancient Essene ancestors toward the universal goals of: Peace, Harmony, Joy, Abundance, Love and Service to mankind, the planet and the universe. 




Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to reserve a space and to take part in this amazing and powerful experience. We will be part of the changes going on in 2012 and all ways.



“DR. SAM” OSMANAGICH discovered the first pyramids on the European continent in 2005. Five pyramids, including the largest pyramid discovered to date, and an extensive underground tunnel system make the Bosnian Pyramid Project one of the most active archaeological digs on the planet.

Daniel en San Juan 
DANIEL BROWER is founder and director of Circle of Sound. Since 2003 Daniel  has traveled the globe with the singing bowls, inspiring others to participate in the Global Harmonization Ceremony 4 times a year, on the Solstices & Equinoxes, simultaneously worldwide at 5PM/GMT to create a global healing for the planet.
PEGGY SUE SKIPPER Spiritual Teacher / Author of Ancient History Beyond the Veil, written with and about Dr. Sam, has a passion for bringing people together who are actively making positive transformations for our world.  Peggy recently started the support group, Consciously Curious, check them out on line!     


•6 NT 5-Star Hotel;
•Welcome Dinner & Music;
•6 Breakfasts & Dinners;
•Stone Spheres Tour;
•Daniel’s Singing Bowl Ceremony;
•Peggy’s daily Kiss of One Meditation;
•Dr. Sam’s Official Excursions to the Bosnian Pyramid,
•City Tour, Shopping, Free Time…
-- $999.00 pp dbl, including taxes  

832.628.5396    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    281.796.8489 




Video clip from Visit to Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids 2014

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