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Bosnian Pyramid Ultrasound Frequency Decoded

by Mike Tate -

The recent discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids in Visoko, Bosnia by Dr. Semir Osmanagić has created worldwide interest among scholars and scientists alike, not to mention the fascination and curiosity sparked in the minds of the general public. Against scrutiny and overwhelming amounts of skepticism the "Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids" received international validation when observed by many well respected professionals in the various fields of science and has proven to be the largest (220 meter high) and the oldest (10,000-12,000 years old) known pyramids on the planet. This mass concentrated effort of analysis led to the discovery of an unexplained energetic radiation found inside, as well as above, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Further analysis revealed an Ultrasonic Frequency Beam being emitted from the top of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun out towards space, with the strength of the frequency becoming stronger the further it traveled away from the Sun Pyramid.

The first team to report this ultrasound frequency was in April of 2010 by a group of Croatian researchers led by physicist Slobodan Mizdrak. The instruments used in their research was an 823 EMF Gaussmeter with an internal probe and a 828 Gaussmeter with a 3D external probe, industrially calibrated with great precision and preciseness. Additionally, an oscilloscope and a spectrometer was used to analyze the frequency. The discovery was later confirmed by a team from the Russian Geophysical Institute Schmidt of Moscow (Dr. Khavroshkin and Dr. Tsyplakov). Also in 2010, Dr. Harry Oldfield, a British independent researcher, detected the elctromagnetic fields above the Sun Pyramid using a PIP camera (Polycontrast Interference Photography) and was able to reveal the ultrasound radiation accumulated inside the Sun Pyramid as well as it's release through the top of the Sun Pyramid. The ultrasound frequency detected has a continuous emission at 28 kHz (28,000 Hz) as confirmed by the Croatian team, and even found to have the same sinusoidal shape as found in the Vratnica's Mound as well as a few passages on the sides of the Ravne's Underground Complex.

On January 24th-25th of 2011, SB Research Group provided the initial decoding of the Bosnian Pyramid Frequency by recording the frequency using a Compander. A Compander is an instrument housing a supersonic sensor of very advanced technology containing highly miniaturized mechanical and electronic components integrated in the same silicone substratum. Moreover, a key technical detail is the assembly of a small microphone on the focal point of a metal parabola to collect the very straight ultrasound frequency waves at their best. Additionally, the SB Research Group brought their own Gaussmeter with a 3D external probe to test for magnetic fields above the Sun Pyramid, which none was found. This data is a critical piece of the puzzle because with no magnetic field found to be atop of the Sun Pyramid, data recorded with the Compander can not be attributed to radio waves by radio stations or repeaters placed nearby. One of these preliminary recordings can be found at www.bosnian-pyramid.org/storage/sound/sonda%20deset.mp3

The next phase of decoding the frequency was downscaling the signal to 700 Hz and removing all background noise. This process resulted in the frequency sound bite product having audible tones of inflection portraying that of a coded speech signal. This sound bite can be heard at www.bosnian-pyramid.org/storage/sound/Sun_max700Hz_Freqx800x800.mp3
This is when I received the signal and began my work.

Assuming that all other forms of interference have been excluded and this signal acquired is the pure product of scientific evaluations and processes, I began applying multi-dimensional audio processing to extract from the signal what I could. The technical data is as follows:

1. The signal was put through a Redux channel with a downsample value of 4.
2. Then put through a Frequency Shifter going down -1.24 kHz then fine tuned up 75.9 Hz.
3. Then through a Saturator as a Digital clip: Drive=-11.4 dB, Frequency=30 Hz, Width=100%.
4. Then put through a 4 Dimensional EQ with an output gain of 1.50 dB:
              1-Frequency=5.90 kHz, Gain=14.8 dB, Q=0.48
              2-Frequency=210 Hz, Gain=14.5 dB, Q=0.10
              3-Frequency=9.88 kHz, Gain=2.70 dB, Q=0.71
              4-Frequency=6.02 kHz, Gain=8.61 dB, Q=0.29
5. Then through a Dynamic Tube with an output of -15.0 dB and a tone value of 1.
6. Then the signal is routed to an 8 Dimensional EQ with an output gain of -12.0 dB:
              1-Frequency=135 Hz, Gain=-15.0 dB, Q=18
              2-Frequency=2.32 kHz, Gain=10.6 dB, Q=0.11
              3-Frequency=1.58 kHz, Gain=-0.49 dB, Q=14.6
              4-Frequency=441 Hz, Gain=8.85 dB, Q=0.10
              5-Frequency=6.13 kHz, Gain=15.0 dB, Q=0.96
              6-Frequency=80.9 Hz, Gain=13.8 dB, Q=0.27
              7-Frequency=130 Hz, Gain=-15.0 dB, Q=0.85
              8-Frequency=3.73 kHz, Gain=9.34 dB, Q=0.85
7. Then the signal was put through Volume Utility to bring it down to -6.67 dB
8. I then applied Multiband Dynamics to clear up the signal:
     Input: Highs applied at 300 Hz=-24.0 dB
                Mid=-3.50 db
                Lows applied at 3.00 kHz=-14.5 dB
  Output: High=-11.9 dB
                Mid=-4.40 dB
                Low= 0.00 dB
     Channel Output: 24.0 dB
9. The signal was then put through another Saturator as a digital clip: Drive=13.7 dB, Frequency=255 Hz, Width 100%
10. Then another Frequency Shifter going up 100 Hz and fine tuned up to 30.7 Hz.
11. Then the signal is put through 2 Volume Utilities. One at -35 dB, then one at -20.6 dB.
12. The signal is then routed to a 6 Dimensional EQ with an output gain of -3.94 dB:
              1-Frequency=2.41 kHz, Gain=15.0 dB, Q=0.34
              2-Frequency=425 kHz, Gain=15.0 dB, Q=0.10
              3-Frequency=3.81 kHz, Gain=15.0 dB, Q=0.71

106Hz, Gain=15.0 dB, Q=0.71
              5-Frequency=965 Hz, Gain=15.0 dB, Q=0.10
              6-Frequency=659 Hz, Gain=15.0 dB, Q=0.10
13. The signal goes again to another Multiband Dynamics channel:
       Input: Highs applied at 2.50 kHz=-15.2 dB
                  Mid=-4.60 dB
                  Lows applied at 120 Hz=0.00 dB
    Output: High=6.20 dB
                  Mid=5.40 dB
                  Low=0.00 dB
       Channel output: 5.30 dB
14. Then I put the sample through a Mastering Rack:
       Low Gain-8.25 dB
       Mid Gain-10.9 dB
       High Gain-24.0 dB
       Comp amount- 100%
       Comp ratio- 1 : 42.3
       EQ Intensity- 200%
       Stereo Width- 190%
       Limit Gain- 9.00 dB
15. And finally the signal is put through one more Volume Utility to bring it down -14.4 dB.
<Click here to download audio file>

The result was a clearly audible conversation between 3-5 men. The language spoken is in English and they are conversing about something (a machine of some sorts) that they are trying to get "working" until something abruptly happens. So far, two names have been able to be identified...Chuck and Gene. Chuck is the main voice in the transmission, though you can hear them all interacting. Gene seems to be the leader of the group and Chuck may or may not be above the others in rank...though this is not military. Military operations do not converse in this fashion nor do they address each other by first name during operations. Please note that the technical data above is what initially brought the signal into a comprehensive form for me to begin something of transliteration. I have since experimented in changing those processing values variably to bring forth a conclusive interpretation of what exactly is being said in this transmission. Here is the transcription, of what my opinion is, on what is being said:
(there is one part that I am definitely not sure of, but I will at least guess since this part of the decoding is not actual science and all that's left to do is assume. That part is designated with a (?). I welcome other opinions.)
Gene: You're good...
Chuck: It worked!
Gene: Yep
Chuck: Thank you... Hey... (talking to someone else)
Gene: (in background) we're good...
Chuck: Hey... (no response) ...yo?
1st background voice: oh!
Chuck: Hey
2nd background voice: Did it work?


Chuck: Hey Gene?
Gene: What's up?
Chuck: I need your opinion...
Gene: What's the scoop?
Chuck: Area 2, x-208
Gene: You do?
Chuck: Ya...
Gene: Ok... (footsteps can be heard)
Chuck: They did it right!
Gene: Then don't go...(Chuck cuts him off)
Chuck: (?)No, great white zero(?) (laughs)
Gene: Oh?
Chuck: Ya... (laughs)
Gene: You gonna work at it? (or "We gonna look at it")
Chuck: Ya..
(multiple laughs)


Chuck: Look here...look
1st background voice: Look at what?
3rd background voice: Look at what?
Chuck: See this...there it is...
Gene: What happened?
Chuck: Maybe... Look at that, they're out!
2nd background voice or Gene: What happened?
1st background voice: Chuck!
(transmission ends)

Note: background voices may all be one voice. I just gave them labels based on how far the voices seemed to be from Chuck.

Here is just one of the many sound bite samples, after the processes were applied, in which this transcription was derived: (listen with headphones for best quality)
I can honestly say that it is more than possible that I am not 100% accurate, but I do believe I am in the 90-99% range of accuracy. They also seem to have something going on in the background which I believe can also aid to completely discovering what is going on here. I am currently working on decoding that and what I can say at this point is that whatever is in the background is talking about energy. I am not done yet, but the word "energy" seems said three times in whatever is happening in the background.

In conclusion, my guess is as good as any. My girlfriend said something that struck a chord of truth with me...she said "you never know, they could be speaking a whole other language and we just hear what we want to hear". This could be the case. I claim nothing more than the above. I do have my theories...but then again I'm just a musician with a great imagination and a thing for frequencies. In closing, I'll include part of an email between Dr. Osmanagić and I:
"...we are slowly beginning to understand the physics of it all. I believe in the "free" energy you speak about...and in Tesla, but I also believe that these ideas are just scratching the surface of the bigger picture. Time or dimensional manipulation may be a far-off thought regarding this transmission...BUT...one could say that it is possible that the guys in this transmission could be trapped in time, or somehow inside of another dimension, possibly from an American Military project gone wrong and maybe the routes of communication exist for them where these pyramids exist for us...? Who knows, but we certainly are living in exciting times aren't we..."

Mike Tate
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If I can answer any questions I will
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