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An engineer Senad Bahor from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina is an author of Master’s thesis at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. This is the first scientific degree at one of the Bosnian Universities dedicated to the Bosnian Pyramid project. The name of the thesis: “The Four Dimensional Visualization of the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids – New Methodology for the Reconstruction of the Cultural Heritage Site”.


„His challenge was how to do the 4D visualization if :

  • „the site is completely covered with gravel and soil, with the houses and other objects residing on the top of the cultural heritage objects?
  • „there are no historical materials, photos, maps, sketches, paintings or written material on the site whatsoever?
  • „it is hard to place the cultural heritage site while comparing it with any other similar sites around the world in a certain timeframe in history (older than any cultural heritage site)?


Using HTMLS and WebGL for 4D visualization he has applied new methodology:

  • „Obtain high resolution aerial photos or satellite images of the area in order to comprehend the area at the fullest
  • „Convert the satellite image into a high resolution z-map image by using the Z-map software and its photogrammetric process in order to get the elevation information from the captured image;
  • „Import the z-map and the original aerial image in the 3d software and place them as textures on a polygonal plane. Then, run the tessellation process by using the software displacement algorithms on the polygonal texture map to get the 3d polygonal model of the area;
  • „Observe the model to find patterns that can be matched to the existing real-world objects and compared. The excavation points should be used to capture the textures.
  • „Visualize the object that is present underneath the Earth surface and place real-world textures at the predetermined pattern
  • „Place the prototyped model on the polygonal terrain to get the full 3d scene

The new models he came up with are extremely valuable and they show that the original dimensions of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun are larger they previously thought. Height of th Pyramid, for example, is much higher than 220 meters and could reach over 360 meters.

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